Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Replies to some of the comments made about my latest post on empires and lies

First, I have to apologize but the lack of time does not allow me to reply to all your comments.  I had to pick some and leave other out.  Here we go:

@Tom Burnett: That's it. I am tired of hearing you refer to America as an 'AngloZionist' empire and me and my countrymen as AngloZionists".

What a stupid comment to make!  First, I never referred to you or any Americans as AngloZionists.  I spoke about the AngloZionist *empire*.  Second, you wrote me in your email that you are Scottish.  Good, then at least you should not that you are not Anglo to begin with, but Celtic.  As for Zionist, this is not an ethnicity, but an *ideology* which can be shared by Anglos too (Pastor Hagee for example).  Besides, had I written about the Anglo Empire or even US Empire would you have been happier?

Seriously, the current Empire was built on what is left of the old British Empire and it is run by what are called the Echelon countries.  These are the members of the so-called UKUSA Agreement aka AUSCANNZUKUS or Five Eyes.  In other words, this is the Empire of the Anglosphere.  Some add France, especially after Mitterrand to this list, giving us the pittoresque abbreviation "FUKUS" (France, UK, US).  But the fact that France is not part of Echelon really proves its 2nd class status in the Empire.  Israel, however, has a special status.  Officially, it is not even an ally of the USA.  In reality we all know that the Zionist Lobby has a huge power in the USA and some even speak of a Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) or Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC).  What is undeniable is that the USA vetoed more resolutions than any other UNSC member and that most of those were in defense of Israel.  It is also undeniable that when the Israeli Prime Minister speaks at a joint session of Congress he gets more standing ovation that POTUS (29 to 25).  I won't bother multiplying the examples of this, but I submit that the interest of Israel are different than those of the Anglosphere.  This is why I speak of a AngloZionist Empire.

You and your countrymen are simply the hostages, the serfs, the cannon fodder and the exploited taxpayer for this Empire. To underscore that I even wrote this in my analysis:
"interestingly, there is definitely a strong anti-regime movement of American patriots out there. These are folks who have the wisdom to differentiate between, on one hand, their country, their people, the ideals upon which the US society was originally built, and, on the other hand, regime in DC and the 1% of the population whose interests this regime works for. Amazing, no?
Then I also wrote:
"there was no "occupy the Kremlin" movement in the USSR while the Occupy Wall Street movement in the USA was very large and widely spread across this huge country. Nor has there ever been a Soviet equivalent of the huge 1990 anti-WTO protests in Seattle. So the American public is nowhere nearly as passive as some think."
So not only did I never say that American people were AngloZionists, but I even compared their level of resistance to the AngloZionist empire favorably to the Russian resistance to the Soviet Empire.

And yet, you turn all patriotic on me and tell me that you are fed up and want off my mailing list.  Sure - no problem.  But next time around, make sure you read what it says before having an anger fit, ok?

@AGS:an expression of gratitude that you provide a forum to read and digest information which PROMOTES intellect and thought -- not filling empty vessels with lies and deceit. THANK YOU for respecting your readers intellect. In this way we are the oil.

Well, thank you!  I try, but it always gets me in trouble as the case with Tom Burnett shows.  The topic of Jews seems to make people exceptionally obtuse and as I result I have been accused of being anti-Jewish and of being a Jew.  Some manage to read some racist ideas in my posts even though I have even implemented an anti-racist moderation policy.  Frankly, there are day when I feel like banging my head against a wall and sob.  So yes, I try to treat my readers with respect and I do assume they can read what it says and not begin to hallucinate as soon as they see what I call a "trigger word", but I promise you that it comes at the costs of having to fight off an army of advancing straw-men and lots of hate mail.  All this is to say that your words today really came right on time, as Tom's email really made me feel rather discouraged.

@Anonymous: Russian military high tech surpasses the Americans'. Have a look at this show of superiority: http://indian.ruvr.ru/2014_04_21/Russian-Su-24-scores-off-against-the-American-USS-Donald-Cook-5786/ The Americans were left wetting their pants.

I hear that rumor but I have yet to see this confirmed, even indirectly, by any credible source.  As a former electronic warfare pioneer myself, I can tell you that this is hard to believe as there is going to be a lot more power on a USN ship than on a Russian aircraft, especially at close distance.  I am not saying that this is not true, only that I need more confirmation.  Also, the story of 27 USN sailors resigning en masse because they did not want to die sounds fishy to me.  So if you have any other sources, please let us know.

@Anonymous:direct quotes from a Putin speech/TV presentation or interview from last Thursday (n.b: I have not verified the accuracy of the direct quotes).  Would appreciate your thoughts/analysis on the thesis of the post, especially on Putin's comments (e.g. "“As for me, you know that the decisions we take in a critical situation depend on our experience and values. You know that I worked for the Soviet Union’s KGB, or, more precisely, foreign intelligence, where we were trained in a specific manner that boils down to absolute loyalty to people and the country.”).

First, I can confirm the quote.  He said that during his 4 hour long Q&A with the Russian people on TV/radio/Internet.  Second, yes, you bet this sentence also did strike me.  But you absolutely have to keep in mind that if the KGB was the elite of the Soviet Union, the external intelligence service (called the PGU KGB SSSR) was the elite of the KGB.  Also, notice that Putin speaks of absolute loyalty to the people and country and not to the CPSU or the Marxist-Leninist ideology.  The PGU officers were the best informed people in the country, often the most intelligent too, and they saw it all happening long before anybody else.  I know the PGU rather well because I spent years fighting it in my private life (I was a very busy anti-Soviet activist), years studying it in my professional life (as a military analysts) and after 1991 I met a lot of my ex-opponents, retired and even active duty, some of which became my friends.  I can assure you that what Putin says is true, most PGU officers were very patriotic, but I also assure you that a lot of them fully understood how corrupt and cynical the Soviet system had become.  Most of these guys were not brain dead propagandized automatons who would blindly believe all the nonsense which the Soviet propaganda would spew at them.  They served their country not because of the regime in power, but in spite of it. You probably know Ray McGovern who is ex-CIA, but who is a patriot.  That is what a lot of PGU officers were like in the 1980s and 1990s.  Putin was truthful in his reply.

@Vediki: Extraction from very famous Russian film "Brat 2"/Brother 2. Pay attention to dialogue between Danila Bodrov, film's main hero, and an American banker. Where's force? In money? No, force is in truth.

Oh yes, I love both of these, Brat 1 and Brat 2 - great movies and great music too.  But did you know that Danilo quotes Saint Alexander Nevsky who himself was paraphrasing Saint Augustine?  Yes, that is true.  Research it for yourself if you doubt that.

Two more items I would like to bring to your attention:

First, do you remember the "Open Letter to President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov" which John posted on Change.org and which I posted here?  It got over 600 signatures and was picked-up by the Voice of Russia.  Nice, no?  I hope that it was shown to Putin and/or Lavrov who deserve to know that some people in the West understand them

Second, I have to apologize for failing on my first day on the job as "stern moderator".  I was in the car and could not read with any attention what Cold N. Holefield posted today.  I am so squeezed for time that I do a lot of my blogging with my cellphone as a hotspot and my Nexus 7 Internet Tablet "on the go", from my car.  His posts looked okay at first glance, so I let it pass.  Sure enough, he was trolling to his heart's content and other felt that his crap deserved a rebuttal.  I don't feel like removing his post retroactively, but I will now keep a closer eye on him and other dumb trolls.  Sorry about today and gimme some time to learn the ropes of this new activity ;-)

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

PS: I also sometimes work on this blog late into the night.  So I apologize for my slow replies, horrible typos, poor grammar and other screw-ups.  Last week I calculated that I had a total of 4 nights in a row with only 3-4 hours of sleep.  And then I have to work from the car to moderate, answer emails or manage the mailing list, so my mean time between failure is sometimes rather short, and I screw-up.  Please keep in mind that this is a one man blog, and that I have a (wonderful)  wife, a regular job and three kids all of which should come first.  I do the blogging with what is left on the clock and that is often not much.  So I plead for your understanding and forgiveness.  The Saker