Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Appeal for assistance - information sources from Russia and the Ukraine needed!

This morning a number of links to Russian news channels are not working.  Some URLs simply do not resolve.  Though this might be a local problem or a technical glitch, I think that as events heat up in the eastern Ukraine such technical glitches might happen more often.  Thus I would ask you all - especially those of you who live in Russia or who understand Russian - to share with me and the rest of us any URLs (links) to Russian information sources on the Internet.  I am particularly interested in links to:

1) Regular Russian TV channels, especially the big ones, who offer news with video footage.
2) Any TV channels in the Ukraine who are not controlled by the revolutionary regime in Kiev (are there still any?) especially in Lugansk, Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Odessa and Dniepropetrovsk.
3) Any "popular journalism" sites.  Yesterday one guy was streaming live to the Internet from Kharkov and he did a great job of informing about the situation on the ground.
4) any blogs/livejournals especially from the eastern Ukraine
5) any YouTube/RuTube channels with video footage from the Ukraine

In the past I used the website http://tv-novosti.ru/ a lot who offered the newscasts from Russian TV channels with roughly 1-2 hours delay, but the site appears to be down right now.  If there something similar out there?

Here are some examples of what I want to get:


So please send me as many links as you can! (by email or comment)

I will post an updated list in a couple of days for all of you.

Many thanks and kind regards.

The Saker