Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yet another very telling sign of the growing military alliance between Russia and China

As foreign leaders have begun to arrive in Sochi, something quite unique happened at the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping.  First, he was greeted by President Putin, like all the other heads of state, but then the two men left of a special communications room to speak with the senior commanders of the Russian and Chinese navies.  The amazing thing was that this was a joint videoconference which saw the Russian and Chinese naval commanders reporting to their respective Presidents while both sides stood literally shoulder to shoulder.  See for yourself a photo of this event from the naval side:

I personally find this both quite amazing and very telling: at a time when the USA is constantly provoking and bullying China (over territorial waters) and Russia (over the Ukraine), and at a time when senior US academics are seriously suggesting that a war with Russia might happen, Russia and China are showing signs of not only political, but also operational collaboration.

I think that the message is clear.  The only question is: is anybody in Washington paying any attention?

The Saker