Thursday, February 6, 2014

Possible phone intercept of a conversation between two top US officials about the Ukraine (UPDATED 2x!)

An anonymous commentator has just drawn my attention to this recording, and even though I am, of course, not sure that it is real, it is simply too good not to pass on.  So with the usual caveat emptor, here is this gem:

Now, is it really real?  A sound recording of this type is really easy to fake, I could do that on my home computer using a sound editor like, say, Audacity.  Still, my gut feeling tells me that this is probably a real intercept.  The stupidity and imperial arrogance of Pyatt and Nuland are absolutely convincing to me.  They sound like typical State Department "suits".

The sound quality if very good, better than in previous phone intercepts leaked by private sector interests in the Ukraine.  This does not sound like a "bug in a phone" thing to me, but more like the intercept of a secure digital line so - if this thing is real - then this leak is probably courtesy of the GRU/SVR/FSB rather than the Ukrainian SBU.

What do you think?

I did a rapid search about this recording and I have found nothing of interest so far.  If you find out anything about it (who leaked it? did the US denounce it as a fake?) please let us know.

The Saker

UPDATE1: it is confirmed, thanks to anonymous, we know is real:

UPDATE2: oh what a great joy it was to listen to that silly crap: