Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"They" are insulting our intelligence (again) and "we" deserve it!

It just happens that a group of lawyers make a report on human rights in Syria.  It just happens that they had previously done the same in the former Yugoslavia.  It just happens that their report is based on one single and anonymous source.  It just happens that this anonymous source claims to have been employed by the Syrian regime to, you guessed it, make photos of dead bodies.  It also just happens that this "confidential" report was leaked just ahead of a conference whose main sticking point just happens to be whether the AngloZio Empire will allow Assad to stay in power or not.  It just happens that nobody in the corporate media questions this sequence of events.  And it just happens that Lavrov is the only one who says that any such report must be carefully investigated before it is believed.  According to The Guardian, the three lawyers just happen to find the secret source "credible and truthful and his account "most compelling".  It also just happens that the three lawyers work for a firm contracted by the Qatari government.

Sadly, it also just happens that most people are zombified morons who forgot about Saddam, Nayirah and the Kuwaiti incubators, about Timosoara and Ceaucescu, about Markale, Racak, and the Serbian "concentration camps" in Bosnia and the Srebrenica "genocide", about Gaddafi's Viagra distribution to his soldiers to rape Libyan women or about how the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot Neda in Tehran or how Chavez ordered snipers to shoot at Venezuelan people.

I don't mean to say that most people are zombified morons for knowing about these horrors.  I say that most people are zombified morons for not knowing that these horrors were debunked and for believing this laughable report about Syria.

I won't even mention Iranian laptops with bomb designs or Venezuelan laptops with FARC-Chavez ties.  Heck, I won't even mention Saddam's WMDs or the fact that it is the official narrative about 9/11 which is an absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theory which contradicts Newtonian physics at a high-school level of understanding.

I am *tired* of idiots who cannot add 2 and 2 or who can repeat the exact same "mistake" over and over and over again.  I am *tired* of feeling like the world has gone apeshit crazy and that I am the only one who remembers events which took place only 20 or so years ago.  I am *tired* of a world were photos are used in lieu of arguments and in which even basic rules of logic seem to have completely disappeared.  And I am *tired* of trying to be polite and courteous to self-satisfied imbeciles whose ignorance and sheer stupidity has put them beyond reach of a rational argument.

I can forgive the world for being so friggin stupid about Bosnia.  It's unfair, it's tragic, it's sad, but ok, it was the first time.  But when I see exactly the same shit taking place in Syria I get really really mad.

Man, there are days when disgust just overcomes me...

Sorry, I had to vent.  Tomorrow is another day (hopefully).


The Saker