Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Ukraine, Crimea and Kaliningrad

Just a couple of short things I want to report on.

Ukraine: I always knew that Yanukovich was a coward and a totally unprincipled man.  That, and an idiot, of course.  Well, he just proved it again.  Not only did he let that old Soviet Politburo-style, semi-mummified, and thoroughly sclerotic moron McCain enter the Ukraine just to visit the "Euromaidan" crowd, he also caved in to the demands of the so-called opposition (which at this point should be called *insurgents* or *rebels*) and ended up sacking top security officials and blaming the riot police for the violence.  I have seen the footage of the violence and I can tell you that the cops showed amazing restraint in the face of what was a carefully prepared and well executed assault using heavy stones, metal bars, chains, and tear gas.  In any other country the cops would have opened fire.  Yet Yanukovich did not even have the courage to stand behind those who protect him.   Worse, he also freed all the rioters arrested for assaulting the cops.  Now, I am not a big fan of riot police in general - I see them like dogs ready to assault anybody their master(s) order them to - but in this case I have to say that they were extraordinarily restrained, really.  And yet, Yanukovich caved in a blamed them for everything.  If Yanukovich had deliberately wanted to appear weak and pathetic he could not have done a better job.  What a piece of garbage his guys is...


Ukraine: I have been very critical of pro-Russian Ukrainians and Russians in the Ukraine and I have to admit that I should have made a special distinction for the Crimean Peninsula were truly interesting things are happening.  To make a long story short, the Crimean authorities have officially warned that they would not allow the pro-EU thugs to dictate the future of the Crimean Peninsula.  They have also told the population of Crimea to be ready to defend its autonomous status and future.  It appears that unlike the lukewarm and confused pro-Yanukovich demonstrators from the Eastern Ukraine who traveled to Kiev, the Crimeans are far more determined and focused.  On one hand, this is very good, but on the other, this is also very scary because if it comes to a violent standoff between the central authority (whoever will be in power in Kiev after Yanukovich) and the population of the Crimean Peninsula there is a 100% certitude that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet will get involved.  In purely military terms, the Black Sea Fleet forces can defend the Peninsula, but that would mean a de-facto war between the Ukraine and Russia.  Again, in purely military terms, Russia can easily beat the Ukraine, but the human and political costs could be horrendous, and the risks of a NATO intervention very big, especially if a crazy person like Hillary is in power in DC.  This is stuff of nightmares and may God prevent that from occurring.


Russia - EU relations: several newspapers have revealed recently that Russia has already deployed its Iskander-M missiles in Kaliningrad.  Polish and Lithuanian politicians have expressed their concern and worry.  What did these idiots think - that Russia was jocking when it warned about a response to the deployment of the US anti-missile system in Eastern Europe?  Now they are all living with a crosshair painted on their thick foreheads.  Enjoy!

The Saker