Saturday, December 14, 2013

The clash of civilizations according to Vladimir Putin

As always, in his recent Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly Putin touched on many topics including the Russian constitution, the slow implementation of Presidential decrees, healthcare, social issues, the budget, the military and other topics.  Yet, I believe that the most important part of his speech is the following one: (emphasis added)
We have always been proud of our country. But we don’t have superpower aspirations; we don’t want global or regional domination, we don’t interfere with anyone’s interests, trying to play a patron, we are not going to lecture others. But we will strive to be leaders by defending international law, making sure that national sovereignty, independence and identity are respected. This is a natural approach for a country like Russia with its great history and culture, its vast experience in the area of different ethnicities living in harmony, side by side, in one state. This is different from the so-called tolerance, which is gender-free and futile.
Today many countries revisit their moral standards, erasing national traditions and boundaries between different ethnicities and cultures. Society is asked to respect every person’s right to freedom of thought, political vitews and private life, which are good values. But now people also have to treat evil and good equally, which is strange, because these are opposite things. Not only does such destruction of traditional values have negative effects on societies, but it is also anti-democratic to the core, because these are abstract ideas applied to real life despite of what the majority of people think. Most people don’t accept such changes and suggested revisions.
And we know that more and more people in the world support our approach of protecting traditional values, which have been a spiritual and moral foundation of our civilization and every nation. We value traditional family and genuine human life, including a person’s religious life; not just material, but also spiritual values of humanism and the world’s diversity.
Of course, this is a conservative position. But as Nikolai Berdyaev said, the meaning of conservatism is not to prevent moving forward and upward, but to prevent moving backwards and downward, into chaotic darkness, back to the primitive state. 
Coming from a world leader, these are, I believe, amazing words because they are an open and direct challenge to the dominating ideology of the AngloZionist Empire.

The first point is obvious: whereas the AngloZionist Empire has the use of force or the threat of use of force as the cornerstone of its international policies, Putin's Russia is categorically against this.  And this is hardly due to the relative weakness of the Russian military as some have suggested.  The Russian military has changed dramatically since the past decade and it has fully recovered its position as 2nd most powerful military on the planet after the US.  And yet, Russia has also made a fundamental, strategic, decision to renounce the use of military force except in self-defense or the defense of an attacked ally.

The second point is clearly aimed another key social feature of the AngloZionist social order: whereas the AngloZionist social order enforces the power of several minorities (1%, Israel Lobby, Oil Lobby, Wall Street, Big Pharma, etc.) over the majority, Putin's Russia also categorically rejects this and says that in a democracy the majority view must prevail and while the rights of the minority must not be violated, the minority must yield to the majority.

The third point can be called "enlightened moral conservatism": whereas the AngloZionist empire is essentially "value-free", Putin's Russia deliberately wants to uphold ancient moral values such as the traditional family, the centrality of spiritual and religious values, the clear affirmation that a "right" and a "wrong" exist and that the two should not be confused and the latter should never allowed to prevail over the former.

One could say that this is the Russian version of Alain Soral's "Gauche du travail, Droite des valeurs" (the Left of labor and the Right of ethics" or the "Progressive of labor and Conservative of values").  It is the opposite of the "values" of the AngloZionist social order in which, in essence, says "don't touch my money (= the Right of labor) and let me have sex with whomever I want (=Left or values).

As far as I know, this makes Putin the only non-Muslim political leader on the planet who openly dares to reject the AngloZionist civilizational model and who instead offer another one.  Non-violence + majority rule + progressive economic + conservative spirituality.  This is the exact opposite of the AngloZionist Empire's model: violence + minority rule + reactionary economic + libertarian & secular morals.

This is the real clash of civilizations which is happening, primarily in Europe.  These are two fundamentally incompatible models, two mutually exclusive social and political orders which threaten each other by their very existence and it is no wonder that Putin is so hated by the western elites and so popular with the western masses (more and more people are calling Putin the "leader of the Free World", including in the West) and that even though the corporate Ziomedia systematically demonizes him.

This is also the real reason behind the new Cold War carefully orchestrated by the Western elites.  This is also the real reason behind the unprecedented and, frankly, ridiculous involvement of the western elites in the events in the Ukraine.

This is hardly the first time that the western elites feel that Russia represents a civilizational threat just by its mere existence.  During the Crimean War Cardinal Sibor,  Archbishop of Paris, declared "It is a sacred deed, a God-pleasing deed, to ward off the Photian heresy [Orthodoxy], subjugate it and destroy it with a new crusade. This is the clear goal of today's crusade. Such was the goal of all the crusades, even if all their participants were not fully aware of it. The war which France is now preparing to wage against Russia is not a political war but a holy war. It is not a war between two governments or between two peoples, but is precisely a religious war, and other reasons presented are only pretexts" while Pope Pius X declared during the World One I 'Se vince la Russia, vince lo scisma' (if Russia wins, then it's the schism which wins).

First the western elites declared a crusade against Russia in the name of the Papacy (Teutonic Knights) then in the name of Freemasonry (Napoleon), then again in the name of the Papacy (Crimean War), then in the name of imperialism (WWI), then in the name of racial superiority (WWII), then in the name of democracy and capitalism (Cold War I) and now the next "Cold War II" will be fought in the name of homosexuality and secularism.  Truly Marx was right when he said that "history repeats itself the first as tragedy, then as farce".

The Saker