Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some clarifying details about this morning's launch of two missiles by Israel and about the Hezbollah mobilization

Ok, now the picture of what actually happened this morning is becoming clear (thanks to the Russian media which is in a coverage frenzy over this and which has plenty of contacts inside the Russian military).

The two missiles fired this morning were not cruise missiles of the Tomahawk type, but Israeli ballistic missiles of the "Anchor" type which are used as targets by the Israeli air defenses and which are supposed to imitate the flight profile of the Iranian Shahab-3 ballistic missiles.

Contrary to the practice of sane and civilized countries, the Israelis did not pick a target area far away from shipping lanes, they did not declare a temporary exclusion zone and they warned nobody.  Yet again another proof that the craziest rogue state on the planet is not the DPRK or the KSA, but Israel.

Officially, these target missiles were supposed to be intercepted by Israeli Arrow-3 missiles but the Israelis are not confirming anything.

Normally, such missiles are fired off the wing of an F-15 but it appears that this time the launch was executed from a naval platform, probably with the assistance of the USA.

Russian military analysts agree that the real purpose of this launch was not to test the Israeli air-defense systems, but to test the capabilities and reaction of the Russian and Syrian air defense system.

The Russian military seemed to have detected the flame of the starting missiles through special satellites and through its advanced early missile launch warning radar in southern Russia which tracked the full flight and pass on the data to the Russian naval task force in the Mediterranean and to the Syrians.  Sources inside the Russian military confirm that Russia now has complete radar coverage of the entire Middle-East.

On another important development, I have received confirmation that Hezbollah is now at full mobilization.

The Saker