Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Obama wanted the "Sissy Option" but he might get the "Kosovo Option" instead

I have been following today proceedings in Congress with absolute dismay.  Sure, this was predictable, but still, to see these clowns trying to "out tough" each other is just sickening.  Already, Obama's proposed Resolution opened the door for much more than just a "Sissy Option" strike (under 3 days, 50-100 missiles).  But now it appears that the Ziocrazies in Congress want to authorize military operations up to 90 days!  That's no "Sissy Option" - that is a repeat of the 78 days bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999 plus two weeks to spare!

And since even 78 days of  bombing of  Yugoslavia did not achieve anything of military relevance, we can be quite sure that a few days of "Sissy bombing" will achieve nothing.  Hence, with nothing to show, Obama will be under immense pressure to keep on bombing, and bombing, and bombing some more.  And with each passing day, the Ziocrazies in Congress will demand more bombing and more blood (lest anybody be suspected of being "soft on Assad").

I am afraid that this drooling idiot Obama not only failed to calculate the consequences of his invitation for a false flag (speaking of a "red line"), but now that clueless cretin seems to have completely mis-judged the ziohysteria in Congress.

Thus what was supposed to be some kind of idiotic but basically harmless "message" fired across the "bow" of Assad can now turn into a vicious missile and bombing campaign only due to the spineless stupidity of one man.

Disgusting beyond words, if you ask me.

Some "world leader"...

The Saker