Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Truth about School

As a father of three kids who never spent a single day of their lives in any school (my wife and I home schooled them from kindergarten to college) and with two kids already in college, I fully endorse the message in this video (but not the organization which produced it about which I know exactly *nothing*).

It is my strong belief that the three main steps to liberate your children from the brainwashing of our society are:

1) Give them a very traditional religious education.
2) Never send them to school.
3) Get rid of your TV and all the corporate media (radio, newspapers).

If you do not teach your kids to worship the True God, they will worship false gods.  If you hand over their education to schools, the schools will brainwash and alienate them.  If you do not get rid of all the corporate media in your house, your children will sooner or later begin to believe what the media tells them.

Think about it and check out this great video: