Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Anglo media is really too funny :-)

It turns out that that Russians - clearly fed up with the CIA's arrogance in spite of repeated warning - has, indeed, made public the name of the CIA station chief in Moscow: Steven Hall.

But now things get really hilarious: while lots of Anglo media outlets reported this fact, none of them - as far as I can tell - dared to actually mention the spook's name.  Ok, well, maybe I could understand why the putatively "independent" and "free" but still American and, therefore, rigidly "patriotic" American press would decide to keep quiet.  But I also checked the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent. etc. and they all, as if in lockstep, loyally refuse to name the spook.

Besides being pathetic, this is also very dumb.  In God's name, from whom do these boneheaded journalists think they are hiding the spook's name?  The FSB?  Don't they even realize that once the name is all over the Russian media, its going to be picked up worldwide?

The Anglo media reminds me of puppies who, when they see their master, immediately pee as a sign of submission.  It makes no sense, the master might not even like this kind of show, but they do that simply because they are puppies and this is what puppies do, without thinking, without ever considering options.

Finally, what a disgrace that anybody outside the CIA would think that anybody would somehow "owe" the CIA station chief in Moscow anything!  Whether I - or anybody else - publishes his name at this point makes no difference to anybody, not to the CIA and not to Mr. Hall.  At the age of the Internet, once something is "out", its "out" forever.  But even if we - all the non-CIA folks on the planet - could make a difference and hide Mr. Hall's name - why would we have to?!  Does anybody sincerely believe that the CIA is on anybody's side besides the 1% who run the USA?

Pathetic.  Pathetic beyond words.

Anyway, as a sign of "how its done", let me show them:

===>>>STEVEN HALL<<<===

See, that was not too hard.

The Saker