Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chechen deja vu...

Oh God, it appears that everyday some appalling video comes out of Syria. Though these are mostly from the anti-government side, supporters of government have also produced their own share of horrors.  I know about a video of prisoners stabbed to death, and of another of prisoners being cut into pieces by a chainsaw while forced to scream "Assad is my god!".

But there is an important difference between the two sides.

While both sides have committed atrocities, at least the pro-government forces did not proclaim that they were acting lawfully or in the name of God.  They committed their atrocities away from the gaze of the crowds.  Not so the Wahabi crazies.  Just like in Chechnia, these guys actually organize public events with the sole purpose of showing such atrocities.  Just like in Chechina, they real aloud some kind of pseudo-religious sentence and then they proceeds to execute the "guilty" parties.

I think that this is an obvious and very important difference: while there are bloodthirsty maniacs on both sides (as I wrote previously), such maniacs are always present in any group of people), on the government side they act in their own, self appointed, capacity, they are not the official norm, and they don't pretend to be upholding any law.  Not so with the Wahabis: they very openly claim to be acting legally and morally, they are actually very proud of their actions, and the clearly present their atrocities no as a shameful deed, but as the norm, as the law of the land should they ever get to power.  See for yourself:

When  I see these SOBs I feel a deep sense of rage and I always have fantasies about Russian Airborne Forces simply wiping them all off the surface of the planet.  I know it is not going to happen, and I know it should not even happen.  Only the Syrians can save Syria.  And yet, if Russia is the only great power who really understand the nature of these Wahabis crazies and has the means to crush them, I have to say that part of me regrets that Russian Airborne Forces are not be send in to finally eliminate these murderous psychopaths (and I know that they would gladly oblige, given the chance, as Russian paratroopers will never forget what they saw Chechnia).

The best cure for Wahabism

At the very least, I hope that these images will be shown on Russian TV and on the RuNet (Russian speaking Internet).  The type of "deja vu" such scenes will have in most Russians will put a great deal of pressure on the Kremlin to hold strong to its current support for Assad and, possible, even strengthen Russia's help to Damascus.

The Saker