Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bosnia v5, Chechnia v4, Kosovo v3, Libya v2, Syria v1

This could have been footage made in Bosnia, Chechnia, Kosovo or Libya, but it happens to have been made in Syria.  Same faces, same crazed expression, same murderous determination - this is the face of US-sponsored Wahabi Islam and this is what the so-called "friends of Syria" are trying to put into power in Damascus.

Frankly, and in a very naive way, when I listen to these lunatics I have visions of Russian Il-76MDs bringing a few divisions of Paratroopers to free Syria from these murderous thugs.  Of course, this is not going to happen and, frankly, I don't even really think that it should happen since Russia has, of course, no business at all policing the planet.  And yet, I feel heartbroken for the Syrian people whose future under the rule of this unholy NATO-Wahabi alliance looks outright terrible.

Judge for yourself by listening to the candid ravings of these madmen: