Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What kind of honey-pots are these?!

Its really the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal revisited, but only in an even more pathetic way.  After all, Clinton was "just" the President, and God knows Americans are used to dumb presidents, but this time were are dealing with the real-life equivalents of Captain America: Generals Petraeus and Allen, the hyper-overhyped mega-heroes of American militarism.  And yet these men, lionized as "true American heroes" by the corporate media, were brought down by their inability to control even their most basic sexual urges.

The one thing that strikes me most is this: all the women involved in these scandals (Lewinsky, Broadwell, Kelly) are amazingly ugly and unattractive, are they not?  Look at them:

Monica Lewinsky
Paula Broadwell
Jill Kelley
Is that only me or are these "seductresses" not seductive at all?!  Frankly, to me they look as just about the most boring and dull kind of secretaries you would meet at, say, a Budget Car Rent agency and not at all as women which could turn the heads of some of the most powerful men on the planet...

You might ask whether this matters or not, but in my opinion this might be worth at least thinking about.  Why?  Think about it, if these women have succeeded in making folks like Petraeus or Allen go crazy with lust, what does it tell you about their levels of sexual frustration to begin with?

Furthermore, how would these men have reacted if they had met a *real* honeypot like this lady:

Anna Kushchenko (Chapman)
But no, these generals fell for women whose only noticeable characteristic is their fantastically common, almost insipid, appearance and that, I think, tells us a lot about them: petty men, with petty personalities and petty fantasies.

I almost feel pity for them.

The Saker