Saturday, November 3, 2012

And now, in my own words

In 2008 I wrote a piece entitled The only two choices for the 2008 Presidential election: Nader vs Solzhenitsyn in which I concluded with the following words:
If you have any faith left at all in the American democracy, then, by all means, vote Nader as any other vote is a vote against the American Republic (and for a Fascist Empire). If you, like myself, believe that the system cannot be reformed no matter what, then stay away from it. Limit yourself to an "internal exile" and follow Solzhenitsyn's advice to live not by lies. This method brought down the Soviet Union and it will also eventually bring down the American Empire.
Now, four years later I will argue that after 4 years of the Obama presidency the first option has now vanished and the only logical, pragmatic and moral choice is to look at reality and act accordingly.  Here are some of the key features of the reality we live in:

1.  There is no correlation whatsoever between what a presidential candidate promises to do and what he then actually does.  While Obama is probably the worst liar in US history, he is far from being alone:  from Papa-Bush's "read my lips, no knew taxes", to Clinton's "liberalism", to Baby-Bush's "modest foreign policy" to, finally, Obama's mega-orgy of broken promises and lies, the undeniable fact is this: there is absolutely no correlation between what you vote for and what you get.

2. Interestingly, US policies, internal and external, are remarkably consistent.  Yes, they are flexible in their tactics, but their strategy and goals do not change: external imperialism internal plutocracy.  Thus, there is no evidence whatsoever that the outcome of elections influences US policies.

3. The choice between the Demoblicans and the Republicrats is, obviously, a false choice.  For the vast majority of Americans that "choice" is as meaningless as the choice between the SA and the SS in Germany: yeah, there are nuances and the two camps hate each other, but they are fundamentally of the same party.

4. No change in US history has ever been achieved by the ballot box.  All the changes in US history have been achieved in the streets and through social movements.

5.  The US regime is not a "one man one vote" democracy but a "one dollar one vote" plutocracy.  Considering that the top 1% own more than the bottom 90%, it is easy to see why voting in the USA makes absolutely no sense at all and, worse, no difference either.

6.  The primary purpose of elections in the USA is to give an illusion of pluralism, of choice, of democracy.  It is to stupidify the people and make any talk of regime change look subversive and un-American (even though even the Founding Fathers did foresee a situation in which the People could overthrow an anti-people regime).

7.  The secondary purpose of elections in the USA is to give the regime a thin but indispensable veneer of legitimacy in the eyes of the rest of the planet.

8.  The third purpose of elections in the USA is to make each person voting a de-facto accomplice to the evil deeds of the US regime.  How can a putatively innocent American say "not in my name" when, in fact, he/she gave his seal of approval to the regime itself (by voting) and possibly to the administration in power (by voting for the winning candidate)?

Bottom line: if you go and vote next Tuesday, you will not only act with a total disregard for undeniable facts and basic logic, you will soil your soul by becoming an accomplice to all the actions which the regime in power will commit in your name.  This is why today I will be far more blunt and direct than in 2008 and tell you this: if even the election of Barak Obama - the worst liar in US history - did not convince you of the futility of voting, nothing else will.  If even after Obama you are capable of seriously seriously believing that by voting for the lesser evil you are not voting for evil nonetheless, you are morally bankrupt.  Make no mistake, voting for evil, any evil, is still a vote for evil.

Voting in these upcoming Presidential elections is both terminally stupid and deeply immoral.

What is the alternative?

It is rather obvious: do not vote and, even more importantly, tell all your friends not to vote.  Help them take the Red Pill and bring them back to the real world, not the media-induced illusion they live in.  And then, with your friends, fight the regime itself, the puppeteers rather than their puppets.  How?

Not through violence, no need for that at all.  All that is needed is to follow Solzhenitsyn's advice: live not by lies.   Make sure that the regime does not survive through you, through your vote, for example.  Make fun of it, humor is a devastating weapon.  Never voluntarily show any respect for the regime's symbols.   Sever all your voluntary exposure to the regime's mass propaganda machine otherwise known as the "corporate media". Do not own a TV or a radio, never subscribe to a newspaper, always get your information pro-actively, through the Internet, and only from sources you have good reasons to trust.  Last, but not least, use this once-ever-four-years opportunity that the regime gives you to tell it to go and screw itself, it ain't much, but it sure is better than sheepishly playing it by the rules and, like a dumb and obedient robot, drop your ballot in the box.

We, as individuals, cannot change the world we live in (although united with others we often can).  But what we can do is safeguard our own dignity and honor by denying our participation in, or assistance to, the regime which oppresses us all.

The Saker