Friday, August 10, 2012

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the Iftar of the women's cadre in the Islamic Resistance Support Association

In The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon our Master and Prophet – the Seal of prophets – Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household, his chosen companions and on all prophets and messengers.

Dear sisters and ladies! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I would like to welcome you all in this annual ceremony – the annual iftar held by the women's activities section in the women's cadre of the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

I thank you for your attendance and continuing support today and all through the past days and years. Dear sisters! I welcome you and thank you for partaking in the Iftar with us here in Beirut, Tyr, Bekaa, Sidon, and Bint Jbeil, and I ask Allah Al Mighty to grant all of us success as supporters, backers and advocates and as true guards to the trust of this Resistance.

Moreover and first I would like to thank the dear sisters in the women's activities section in the women's cadre of the Islamic Resistance Support Association for their continuing efforts and jihad all through the past years and their incessant efforts at the service of this resistance and in communicating with its masses and people. That's because the support we are talking about is on the first level moral, ethical, and humanistic. On the second level comes financial support.

It goes without saying that in this ceremony which comes under the title of Resistance and supporting the Resistance that I talk about the Resistance and carry on what I started with during the previous iftar that was held for the men and the dear guests whom we were at their service few days ago on the table of the Islamic Resistance Support Association. However before ushering to my topic, I believe it is my obligation to tackle for a while the catastrophic incident that took place at the borders in Sinai and what afflicted the Egyptian officers and soldiers. Media outlets reported that 15 or 16 or more or less Egyptian officers and soldiers were martyred and others were wounded. The media reported that they were slaughtered at iftar.

Indeed this is a painful and sorrowful incident. It is our duty today to say this aggression is condemned no matter which side perpetrated it. What took place is an absolute crime. What is more grievous is that it is attributed to Islam, to religion, to jihad, to the resistance or under such slogans and titles.

Following this condemnation, I offer my consolations indeed to the Egyptian leadership, to the Egyptian Army – the leadership, officers, and soldiers – and to the families of the martyr officers and soldiers. I ask Allah to have mercy on them and to bless the wounded with recovery.

In my conviction, the greatest winner in this incident is Israel indeed. It's Israel which would reap the results and repercussions of this incident whether on the Egyptian level or on the Palestinian level. Thus, man – even if on preliminary considerations – may say that this incident is morally suspicious. Thus we must put it in the sphere of suspicion whether taking into consideration its motives, targets or details.
Unfortunately, Gaza Strip - which was expecting relief and a return for normal life with the new changes that took place in Egypt – came under siege again. Not only cross points were closed but also tunnels were closed until further notification. We don't in which direction things are moving. Egyptians also are paying the price. Some want to drag Egypt, its people, its army, its Muslims, its Christians, and its political forces to a sporadic ordeal.

I say again the primary and the first beneficiary is Israel.

Before this incident and as an Islamic – as they categorize us as Islamic and as an Islamic resistance in particular – I would like to stress to the audience and listeners that this kind of operations or incidents has nothing at all to do with Islam, religion, the Koran, the Islamic law, human values, Islamic morals, Islamic principles and any of the codes of prophets and divine missions. This in fact is what we used to warn against. This mind attributes to Islam a definite intellect or a definite stance while Islam is absolutely innocent of such attributes. Moreover all the prophets and messengers of Allah, divine religions, human mind, values, and nature do not tolerate this logic. This is the very intellect which adopts the strategy of slaughtering and killing only for differing with the other in ideology, religion and politics. Consequently, blood, money and honor are deemed lawful. This is what we are witnessing today in many countries in our Arab and Islamic world unfortunately. As I have mentioned before, this is considered today as one of the major threats to our peoples, societies and region.

I have said in the past and tonight I will say again: there are two main threats to the security, peace, stability, unity and tranquility in this region: First, Israel and second the mind of deeming others infidel and of killing and slaughtering which is being spread in our Arab and Islamic world and backed with governments and countries which are financing it with billions of dollars from the Arab oil profits which must be spent on the poor, the needy, the illiterate, the ill and the unemployed. However, they are being spent in that framework.

See for example the incident that took place in Yemen two days ago. I am not concerned whether the targeted person in southern Yemen is moral or immoral. In fact, I do not know him. However a couple of days ago, and to kill a Yemeni official, a suicide bomber related to such a group entered a consolation session massed with people and detonated himself killing 45 people from among the attendance while 50 others were killed. The targeted person was not killed. Indeed the suicide bomber was killed.

This is the mentality. Thus before this incident, we on one hand pose before the results and repercussions and on the other we must be aware because this mentality has made and will make the entire nation pay more and more at the expense of its values, religion, sanctities, peoples, blood, and dignity.

Indeed on these sorrowful and painful days, we add to this what is taking place around us in the entire region. In Syria, there is killing, bloodshed, demolition, victims, kidnapping of Lebanese and Iranian visitors, and families living in anxiety and danger. In Iraq, explosions are sporadic. In Bahrain, there are aggressions against peaceful people. This is beside what is taking place in Qateef and Burma. Unfortunately all what is taking place around us does not call for happiness and cheerfulness though these days are days of happiness for being in the hospitality of Allah Al Mighty. Indeed, the absence of governments, states and regimes is recorded. None of them are today preoccupied with curing these wounds. Unfortunately, all are involved in increasing these wounds and in pushing things towards more tension, crises and difficulties. I wanted first to point to these events which impose on us to take such a stance.

I go back to my main topic. I want to make use of this calm occasion, to tackle the argument taking place in the country.

It is natural that the cause of the Resistance is a cause with continuing interest whether on the local, regional, or international levels. This has been the case not only from now but for long years. However, noticeably following 2000, it has been having great interest because it is being targeted to a great degree. I would like to continue what I have started days ago – i.e. discussing topics related to the Resistance and the arguments taking place now in Lebanon in a calm way so that our speech be reasonable. Thus tonight, I will not give zealous speech or take stances in as much as I am to make an address and discussion as we are all responsible and partners in shouldering this responsibility.

Dear sisters! There is a status quo which can't be denied. This is as far as the Israelis are concerned, when they view the region they consider the Resistance in Lebanon as really posing the first threat to their interest, aggression, greed and project. This has been clear in the statements of the Israeli officials since 2000 until today. That means the archives of 12 years shows that no political official, military official, security official or expert in the enemy's entity talks contrary to this logic.

Recently, a report revealed by US strategic experts said that the number one threat and the number one dilemma to Israel in the region today is Hezbollah and the Resistance in Lebanon.

Where to does this lead us? This leads us to a truth which says that if Israel wants to stage an aggression against Lebanon, there's something which it fears, and this is very important.

In the past, the issue was not as such. This is in fact called a strategic turn. You know - as much has been said to this effect in the past – that when Arab-Israeli wars used to erupt, the Israelis used to send for example an army to the West Bank or an army to fight in the Gaza Strip or an army to fight in Egypt or in Jordan or in Syria. However when they used to talk about Lebanon, they would say there is no need for an army. We would dispatch a musical band. So there is no need for an army to be dispatched to Lebanon! To this extent they used to underestimate Lebanon.

Today things changed. The primary source of anxiety, danger and threat and the first consideration to be taken by Israel in the region is Lebanon thanks to the existence of the Resistance. This is a natural result. So this did not come as a result of media, psychological war or speeches. This result was a natural consequence to the sweeping defeat that inflicted Israel in 2000 and 2006. The Israeli enemy came to know that there is a serious, rational, executive, planning, armed, and able Resistance in Lebanon. It is a Resistance that knows how to confront, fight, carry on, and gain victory. This has created fear and anxiety to the Israelis. Dear sisters! This also explains to us why Israel did not make use of the events taking place in the region for a year or two up till now to attack Lebanon though its history goes in that direction. For example, in 1982, what was taking place? There was a grinding war between Iran and Iraq. A great development took place on the Iranian-Iraqi front where the Iranians could restore Khurmushahr and reach the borders. The entire region rocked. The entire world - the Americans and the international community – were preoccupied. Israel burst into Lebanon at a time no bullet was shoot on the borders. The borders were calm. It made use of the changes in the region and the preoccupation of the world and the region with the events and entered Lebanon to achieve its project for 1982. Why is Israel taking no action now though the events taking place in the region as a whole – whether in Syria, Egypt, or Iraq – allow Israel to stage a war against Lebanon without anyone questioning about Lebanon as all the Arabs are preoccupied with themselves and with each other? So no one would inquire about Lebanon, defend Lebanon or stage a demonstration in support of Lebanon or convene a meeting for foreign ministers for the sake of Lebanon. The main reason is that Israel fears to fail again. This is knowing that the motives for Israel to stage an aggression against Lebanon exists. They call that motives, reasons, or grounds. That's first because Israel's greed in Lebanon, Lebanon's land, Lebanon's waters, Lebanon's decisions still exist. That did not change. Second, it's because Israel has a settlement with Lebanon and the Resistance in Lebanon. So all the motives, reasons and grounds exist for Israel to stage an aggression against Lebanon. What is the obstacle? The only obstacle is its fear from failing. Why does it fear failing? That's because in Lebanon there is a true, strong, able Resistance which is embraced by a great section of the Lebanese people. Now some people may disagree, and others may be against this. Well, this has always been the case. Today for example, this idea is being stressed when some Arab countries fetch warplanes, air force, antiaircraft, warships and developed arms while Israel does no show concern or worry or oppose or cause any hindrances. Such deals exist especially in the gulf states. They fetch arms for 60 billion dollars or 100 billion dollars or 20 billion dollars. I would like to tell you that some Arab countries fetch arms without having anyone to use them! That takes place because it is required that US arms factories and companies go on working. Thus we find that the Israelis do not object on that. On the other hand, the Israelis make a big fuss in the media and all Israeli officials would talk and say: Watch out! That's if Syrian arms are to enter Lebanon as a result of the situation in Syria or if there is antiaircraft or any qualitative thing or anything that breaks the balance. Israel is ready to wage a war for that. This is the threat to Israel. Why? That's because if the Resistance in Lebanon has one or two or three rockets, that requires that Israel wage a war. However, air force, antiaircraft, tanks, and artilleries for billions of dollars for Arab armies do not require a word of objection by Israel! What's the reason? The reason is clear. Should we ask the young children in Lebanon, they know the reason. The reason is that Israel is absolutely assured as far as these "great armies" are concerned because the decision there is in the hands of the US administration which daily announces its absolute commitment to Israel and Israel's excellence. There is absolute assurance as far as the Arab regimes' commitment to Israel's intactness even if Israel attacked Lebanon in July and even if it attacked Gaza Strip and committed massacres. There is an Arab commitment: Israel is untouchable. Thus all the arms which are with most of the Arab armies do not make Israel worry. However, if arms – that breaks the balance as they call it – enter Lebanon, that would cause great anxiety, warning and threatening. They would say be cautious we would wage a war. All of that indicates this meaning. What does that mean? Today we want to discuss this for a while. What does that mean? That means that indeed in Lebanon, we own a deterrence power. Today Lebanon owns a true deterrence power called the Resistance. Whether some of the Lebanese accept that or not and whether that appeals to them or not, this is the result. That have nothing to do with whether I accept that or not or whether that appeals to me or not. This result exists in the Lebanese status quo as well as in the regional status quo. So Lebanon owns a deterrence power which makes Israel to think a thousand time and take a thousand thing into consideration before staging an aggression against Lebanon. So how are we to deal with this divine and national blessing?

Did we really today – in August 2012 – as Lebanon, as a Lebanese people, as a nation, as a country, as people and as a state and in the light of what is taking place in the region reach a time in which we can dispense with the existence of the Resistance and the power of the Resistance?

This needs a calm answer. Let's put fanaticism, sectarianism, factionalism, and political division (March 8 and March 14 Blocs and others) aside. Let's think logically. As I at times say. Let's go to the top of the mountain. Let's get out of all the details, daily problems and tensions in universities, the government, the parliament, the media and the street. Let's stand on the top of the mountains. You know that our mountains in Lebanon are the highest in the region. Thus when we sit there, we see the entire region. Let's sit and see what is taking place and answer this question: Did we now reach the right moment in which we may dispense with the Resistance? Let's ask ourselves - as Resistance men - this question. I am not talking about those who want to disarm the Resistance. Is it that we go back to our work, school, and university and we will find a solution for the arms and thus the story will be over? What is the alternative deterrence power which is available in Lebanon and which makes us assured that Israel is afraid of staging an aggression against us? So let me put it correctly. The deterrence power does not absolutely prevent any aggression. No! However, it makes the other party think a thousand time before doing so. It makes it uneasy for the other side to underestimate an aggression or deem it easy. What is the alternative deterrence power? Is Israel's greed in our land, water, oil, and gas (as they say we have oil though it is still underwater and underground) over? Are we safe now? Today there is great Israeli concern even in oil and gas as there is concern in water.

Days ago, they wrote in newspapers that the market value of the enemy's gas and oil discovered so far in the water of Palestine is 250 billion dollars! Imagine that Israel which lives on foreign donations and which the US grants 3 or 4 billion dollars annually will possess 250 billion dollars. What would it do with the region and the peoples of the region? This is besides what they haven't discovered yet. Will it be satisfied with what it has?

Oil and gas might as well be among the points of conflict between Lebanon and the enemy especially in the areas with disputed delineations? What are Lebanon's guarantees to obtain its own gas and oil in the future? Indeed they say that the worth of our – as Lebanese - oil and gas is billions of dollars. This transfers Lebanon from one state to another on the economic, financial, social, living, security, and every other levels. Imagine that the incapable Lebanon that does not have any resources but from customs and taxes starts earning tens of billions of dollars! Where would this country be with the presence of people who have mind, intellect, smartness and are really genius? Well, what are the guarantees in the future that Lebanon and the Lebanese benefit really from the available capabilities and capacities at the level of gas and oil? These are serious questions. We have a vision which we always talk about. It is a vision furnished with logic, evidences, proofs and experience. There is logic, mind, evidences, human experience and our experience as Lebanese in this vision which we present. However, there are people who have no answer or evidence or any convincing point. They do not have but one refrain: "Hand in the arms and end up with this Resistance". Well answer the following questions: What is the alternative deterrence power? What are the guarantees to benefit from our waters in the future when Litany Project is executed? What are the guarantees to benefit from our oil? What are the guarantees that Israel does not attack Lebanon and how are we to deter it from attacking Lebanon? There is no answer. There is one answer: Arm the army. We agree on that. Let's arm the Army. However this army is not able to form a deterrence power. Its power must at least be equal to that of Israel. We must own the strongest air force in the region such as the Israeli air force, and we must have an army similar to the Israeli army. That would create a kind of balance and as such we would protect Lebanon and achieve a deterrence power in quality, quantity and capabilities. However, they only have theories and hollow words. Thus, on the ground, there is nothing tangible. As such the entire country would be in the windy side.

There is a true point which is a point of dispute and is now evoked on the Lebanese field. Some say there are fears from the Resistance and its arms. These arms cause fear on the national level especially that this weapon is owned by a definite side or a definite sect – the Shiites – and that means that the other sects are worried and feel afraid. Consequently, these arms must be eliminated. On another hand, all of Lebanon – not only the Shiites, the Sunnites, the Druze, or the Christians - is at risk. Lebanon as a country, as a land, as water, as wealth, as sovereignty, and as an entity is at risk caused by the Israeli project and Israel's greed. Thus we must confront these risks. At the mean time, the Resistance forms a state of deterrence. As a result of the existence of this Resistance, there are fears. The right conduct is to address the fears and not to annul the Resistance and expose the country as a whole to the risks caused by the Israelis.

Imagine someone says he doesn't want to take the medicine because it aches its stomach and disturbs his disposition. However, he exposes himself to the fatal poison. People call this person mindless or insane or does not understand? To treat sickness or poison, man may take medications which may have some side effects. I will take for granted and suppose that the existence of the Resistance causes a kind of fear. The solution for putting an end for these fears won't be through annulling the Resistance and consequently exposing Lebanon as a whole to all these Israeli risks that touch our very existence. The solution would rather be in this very Resistance, in strengthening it, supporting it, and backing it to push away Israeli risks. As for the fears, we – as Lebanese – would sit calmly and ask what these fears are and address them and find solutions and guarantees for them. The logical people care for their nation, the future of their children and grandchildren, the survival of their nation and guarding their people from being displaced. Entire peoples are now being displaced. There are demographic changes taking place now. If we want this Lebanon we must guard it and take pains to keep its people stay in it and not be displaced and that they remain united. We must fortify it in face of these risks and address these fears.

Some of the examples of these risks may be discussed, while others are not true. There are things which are valid and we are able to address them and find solutions for them. Let's give some examples.

For example, primarily March 14 Bloc says that the existence of arms impedes the way before elections in Lebanon. No elections must take place under arms. This is a broad slogan. However, in 2005, didn't elections in Lebanon take place and you won the majority and unfortunately we helped you to take the majority? Well, elections took place under arms. What was the influence of arms in 2005? Nothing. In 2009, elections took place while we were at discord. In 2005, we were in accord with each other. What was the role of arms in 2009? Nothing. They say: No elections under arms. Days ago, elections took place in Al Koura and they witnessed its integrity and greatness and they considered that the whole world will pattern after Al Koura elections. Is that true or not? Well that took place under arms. This is logical. The arms of the Resistance and the Resistance does not influence the elections whether negatively or positively. All through the elections that took place, no one recorded one incident in which the arms of the Resistance was used to impose a definite viewpoint or to advocate a list or to move in a definite electoral direction. On the contrary that was recorded for the arms of other political parties and movements in some regions as they bullied some sides to imposed an electoral choice. As for the Resistance, it did not do that.

Others are even funnier. Some would say: No relativity under arms. Would you please explain that to me? I am a Lebanese and may Allah help me. Now they are talking about elections. There is a majority system and a relativity system. The Lebanese know by now what the majority electoral system is and what the relativity electoral system is. There is no problem with elections following the majority system under arms while no elections according to the relativity system may take place under arms! Well explain to me what is the difference between the two cases. Does that mean arms would intervene in elections according to the relativity system while it won't intervene in elections according to the majority system? If it intervenes here, it intervenes there, and if it does not intervene here, it does not intervene there….

This is unacceptable and this is untrue. The attempt to put the Resistance in face of elections is always to be considered as falsehood, counterfeit and misguiding to the people as it is not based on logic. This is one example.

Here is another example. They say that arms chaos in Lebanon exists because of the Resistance and the arms of the Resistance. Now to address arms chaos in Lebanon we must dismantle the Resistance and confiscate its arms and hand them to the Army or throw them in the sea. This also was evoked. Now let's see if this is logical and true? Let's take into consideration the parties, militias, arms, artilleries, fighting and civil war before I was born and before Hezbollah was created and all the people in Hezbollah were born. There were in Lebanon arms, arms chaos, militias and civil wars. Well, it comes to be that we as well as the Resistance is responsible for something which took place before we were born! This is not true. First, arms are owned by all the Lebanese. All the Lebanese have arms. Arms that lead to conflicts, arms that kill, and arms that make ordeal are owned by all the Lebanese. However arms which form a deterrence power against Israel is with us only. No one owns Zilzal Rocket but we. By the way, this is not something to cheer up about. It is from one side a source of responsibility and risks for us and the Resistance men. However, that is necessary to deter the enemy.

However, if we put the arms that deter the enemy aside, the rest is owned by all the Lebanese. With utmost simplicity, arms chaos may be put in order in Lebanon if there is a serious determination by the political forces and the state. Thus we would keep the Resistance organized, strong, and committed. This is the South and the bordering area. Tour the entire area in the South; do you find a gun or a rifle or an armed appearance or a platform or a cannon? There's nothing of this sort. Where is arms chaos then? It is in the areas which have nothing to do with the Resistance or with confronting the enemy. This chaos needs to be addressed and it is not addressed by collecting the arms of the Resistance and annulling the Resistance. This is not how we address arms chaos which has been present in Lebanon for decades before Hezbollah was being born.

There's a third problem which they talk about. They say that the Resistance arms prevent the establishment of a state. March 14 Bloc and the dear Lebanese want to build the state and the arms of the Resistance are preventing them! They daily talk saying that the arms of the Resistance are an obstacle before establishing the state. They do not get bored. It is just like the daily prayers to us. Everyday, one of them must sign in and talk about the arms of the Resistance which prevent and impede establishing the state…. Well before Hezbollah was established, was there a state or not? At least, since 1974 or 1975 until 1990, there wasn't a state. Was it we who prevented the establishment of the state? Who prevented the establishment of the state? This is first.

Second, why don't we speak frankly with the Lebanese people and tell them the true reasons that prevent establishing a true state in Lebanon? Why do we hide the true reasons and create illusionary reasons? The true reasons have to do with them and with others. Well, this is a lengthy field of research. However, I will mention only two reasons.

The first reason is sectarianism in Lebanon. Why do we hide behind our finger? Late Kamal Jumblat used to talk about the Lebanese 'peoples' in his books. He did not recognize a Lebanese people. He used to say that we are peoples. From a definite perspective, this may be liable to reflection. I am not quoting this text to criticize it; rather this kind of categorization exists today. Thus we hear some people tensed on the TV as they say: Well, yes, we are not one people. We are rather the Maronite people, the Shiite people, the Sunnite people, the Durzi people, the Orthodox people….

Well, in Lebanon, we are sects. When we come to establish a regime on the basis of sectarian portions, sectarian structure, sectarian polarization, sectarian struggles, and sectarian sensitivities, neither a regime nor a state is established whether there is Hezbollah or not and whether there are arms or not and whether there is Resistance or not.

There is an innate problem here. When we are to establish a national modern state on the basis of sectarian portions, influences and polarization, the state won't be established. The state would be as it is today. It might be a bit better. It might be made a little more competent. It may be somehow developed. However, a true state can't be established here because there is an innate problem. Here what are arms to do with this issue?

Thus, since the establishment of Lebanon, the Great, we have a crisis named the state crisis. How is this state to be established? Who has the authority and how is it to be managed? We have political sectarianism. Are we to annul political sectarianism? This is always a topic for discussion and argument in the country. This is one of the crises that obstructs establishing a state in Lebanon.

The second problem is corruption in Lebanon – political corruption, financial corruption, administrative corruption…. Under severe and critical corruption, how is the state to be managed? Some people change their political alliance and loyalty, and shift their rifles from one shoulder to another and their banner from one hand to another under the impact of money. Let's put this aside. Let's go into the state. Corruption is wide spread in the state's administrations. When it is said that the state's administrations need reform, they really need reform. No one talks about this. We delay reforms. That's true. However, what's the problem? This corruption was protected and is still protected. Most of the political forces which always win in the elections are always there. They are part of the corruption. They protect this corruption. At times, if you want to counter this corruption, you are threatened with civil war and sectarian war. Let me be transparent today. Perhaps some of our allies are more able to tackle the issue of reform. Because they do not have arms, they work at ease, take stances, raise the ceiling, criticize, attack politically and exert pressure.

My problem here is not that arms protect corruption. Not at all! My problem is the existence of the Resistance. When I say that I confront corruption and corruptors, that will make me involved in battles here and there, and this is a big problem in the country. So let's not say more to this effect. Corruption in which most politicians are partners is what impedes the establishment of the state and not the existence of the Resistance.

What is taking place today? Corruption is mushrooming and sectarianism is increasing. We were told in Taef Accord that post sectarianism has been annulled - except for the first rank post – on the basis of equality between Muslims and Christians. Great! That's a great development in the country. However, what is the situation on the ground?

That's not the case only now under the government of PM Mikati. No! The truth is that since long years, not only the first, second, third, and forth rank posts are named on sectarian grounds, even the ordinary employee, the soldier, and the gendarme are chosen on sectarian grounds. Is that true or not?

That means that the more we proceeded the deeper sectarianism penetrates into souls. Thus it becomes more difficult to eliminate it from texts. They talk about eliminating it from souls before eliminating it from texts. Well, where is it in souls? It is penetrating deeper into the recesses of souls. Why is it so? It is because of the performance of political forces. It's because some political forces are not able to be present in the political scene except on the basis of sectarian fanaticism, sectarian provocation, and factional provocation. Watch the speeches and you will know them.

Some leaderships can't be national leaderships. They can only be sectarian and factional leaderships to prompt the sectarian and factional spirit in the country. Unfortunately, we have reached a stage in which it has been necessary that we explain for the new generations – our children and grandchildren – what national feelings and national belonging mean. That's true believe me, and when you go back home reflect on this topic. They don't know that because this is the environment in which they have been living and in which they grew and were raised up in the past decades.

Let's take the Resistance as an example. The border line which was under occupation until 2000 have Lebanese from all sects. The cities and towns are from all sects. The cause of liberating the border line is a cause that concerns all the Lebanese regardless of their sects, factions and regions. As such, there would be national belonging and national feelings.

As a Resistance, if my goal is to liberate the entire border line because it is Lebanese land and because its people are Lebanese, I will be acting on national grounds. Whereas, if I fight to liberate Bint Jbeil while Jizine remains under occupation or to liberate khiam while Marjaoun and Hasbaya remain under occupation, I would be acting according to sectarian considerations and not on national grounds. When every grain of soil, drop of water, and drop of oil in Lebanon - regardless of being on the southern shores or the northern shores – mean to me, I would be a national person. However, when I am concerned with the South and the Shiites in the South only, I would be a sectarian person. I was not concerned only with the Shiite men and women in the enemy's detention centers in khiam, Ansar, Atleet and in occupied Palestine and was struggling to liberate them only. As such I would be a sectarian person. Whereas, when I think of liberating every Lebanese man or woman in detention and view them as my family, my father, my mother, my brother, my son and my daughter, I would be a national person.

Nationalism is not a claim or a slogan. Rather it is a practice. When I am in Bekaa and think of the security of the people on the southern border, I would be a national person. Whereas, if I think that as long as shelling is not over me, I would not be afraid no matter what is taking place in other places, I would be a sectarian and a regional person.

Dear ladies and sisters! He who wants to build a state must first work on prompting national belonging and national feelings so that to have a state that serves everyone. Power is for everyone; water is for everyone; posts are for everyone; job opportunities are for everyone; confronting poverty is by everyone. That's how we build a national state.

Here, what have the Resistance to do with preventing the establishment a true state. On the contrary, I will tell you even more than that. We ourselves want the establishment of a true state. I will even say more. We are the one who would benefit most from the establishment of a true state – that's if we took interests into consideration. Let's talk with our minds, faith, principles and values. We want a true actual state in Lebanon. As far as interests are concerned, we are the ones most interested in the establishment of a true state in Lebanon – a state in which there is no monopolization, neglect, deprivation, starvation, and displacement of the Lebanese from their country, land, and villages, a state that gathers all the Lebanese, a state the prevents sectarian and factional conflicts, a state that prevents sectarian and factional provocation, a state that prevents me from practicing sectarian and factional provocation and prevents any other person from practicing sectarian and factional provocation. Such a state is to our interest as it is to the interest of every Lebanese person.

On the contrary, I will even go further and say if there is a chance for the Lebanese to establish their state with security, peace, and self-decision and without foreign pressure or pressure from the enemy, this chance is made available due to the presence of the Resistance in Lebanon and not vice versa.

O dear Lebanese! Today you have a Resistance which tells the Israelis: These are your limits. It tells the Americans: These are your decisions. It tells everyone who wants to stage an aggression on Lebanon: These are your limits. Today, we as Lebanese are decision owners. We may meet on the dialogue table or in any other place. We may sit and discuss. We may move with what we agree on. We would find solutions. No one dares to attack us. No one thinks of attacking our country. Why is that so? That's because we have a deterrence power. We have the Army-People-Resistance Formula.

Another thing that they would say would be: We agree that you want a state. Well, we are afraid that these arms and this Resistance would dominate and control the state. Well let's talk on the ground and in simple words: O people! Arms have been in our possession for 30 years. We have military and security groups, and we fight Israel. Why did not we up till now take control over the state. For 30 years we have arms. If we want to control the state, when would we do that? Is it when we grow old or when we become weak and feeble?

The best local, regional and international conditions that might be available to a party which possesses military power to control a country were made available in the past years. Why didn't we do that? That's because we don't want to. They always discuss intentions. Here I am telling you: My brother! Let's keep intentions aside. Argue with me on my deeds. That's how March 14 Bloc thinks.

If any party from March 14 parties had the military power which we have, it would have controlled the country and the state since a long time. It would have imposed its will with arms on all the Lebanese. However, we did not do that. Here I am telling you: We do not do that, we did not do that, and we will not do that. That's not our mentality, conviction and faith.

First, we did not do that. On the contrary, the chance came in 2000. We – the Resistance -defeated Israel. We acknowledge the efforts of all the other factions. However, everyone takes it for granted that in the last 10 years we were the first and the primary Resistance faction. In fact, Israel does not see but us. We afflicted it with defeat. I stood in Bint Jbeil like every victorious resistance in the world does. I could have said: We were the ones who defeated Israel. We have arms. We have fighters…. If you do not hand the power to us and a definite number of ministerial portfolios and a definite number of administrations, we will demolish the country. This is our revolutionary historic right, and this is how all revolutionists around the world act. We did not do that, and we did not say that at all. We acted as all honorable people act. We said this victory is to all of Lebanon. Even the Lebanese who do not want victory we told them this victory is yours. This victory is for Lebanon. This victory is for all the Lebanese. We do not want anything. We do not want power. This is the border line. The state is welcomed to assume its responsibility there. We will not interfere in security, administration, justice or anything else. Wasn't that our stance in 2000? Are we really people who want to control over the state and over power?

I will give the events of May 7th – which they always give as an evidence – as an evidence on our true intention. A curtailed government aggressed against the Resistance. Then the events of May 7th took place. The country was crippled. Roads were closed. A delegation from the Arab League wanted to mediate. His Eminence brethren Sheikh Naim Qassem met with them. However the head of the delegation insisted on talking with me on the interphone – our private wired phone. We responded, and thus one of the Arab Ministers talked with me on the wired phone. He told me: Peace be upon you. I answered: Peace be upon you too. I told him do you know through what you are talking with me? He answered: Through the wired interphone. I told him that means that you are violating the Lebanese Law. You are violating the decision of the Lebanese government. You are now a criminal, and you must be arrested! I was joking with him. He told me: What do you want to solve the problem? He was expecting that I tell him: First we want the government to resign. We want so and so as premier. We want a government in which we have two thirds of the portfolios. We want such and such to be elected as a President of the Republic. We want so and so. This is what he was expecting because in the whole world that's how things take place. There were even political forces in Lebanon which were expecting that from us. However, what did I tell him? I told him we have two demands. The first demand is that the government retracts on the decision it took against the wired phone. Second, we want the return to the dialogue table so that the Lebanese sit together and discuss things and see how to solve their problems. He told me: Third what do you want? I told him there is no third. We have only these two demands. He told me: You are joking. I told him that I was serious, and that it's not time for joking. He told me: No! You are joking with me. You do not want to solve the problem. I told him: No, I want to solve the problem. We only have these two demands. He tried to convince me to have a third and a fourth demand. I told him: By God, this is all what we want. This was the reaction because the government took a decision to eliminate the signal weapon which is the most important and the most dangerous according to Israel. It wants to cause an ordeal between the Army and the Resistance and the security forces. So let it cancel these decisions, and let's go back to the dialogue table. "And Allah loves the well-doers".

O March 14 Bloc! We had the opportunity to rule the country and control over it on May 7th and we did not do that because we didn't want that and we don't want that and we will not want that. What is the reason? The reason is that we are realistic. What does our realism say? Our realism and our mind say that this country has several sects. We are through with the ruling sect. No sect in Lebanon may rule Lebanon all by itself while giving this sect a portion and that sect a portion. This is over.

Second, the time of a leading sect in Lebanon is over. What does a leading sect mean? It means that it’s the first sect which leads and the other sects are its allies. That comes beneath a ruling sect. The ruling sect is everything. It does not give portions. The leading sect recognizes the other sects and they are its allies; however, it is the leading sect. Let's talk with transparency tonight. This speech is to all sects and their political and religious leaders, their elites, their masses, their men and women, and their elderly and youth in Lebanon: Whoever still thinks with a ruling sect or a leading sect mentality wants to drag the country into more crises. Today, in this night of Ramadan, I announce on behalf of all the Shiite Sect in Lebanon that we do not want, we do not think, we do not dream, and we do not aspire to be a ruling sect or a leading sect. We rather believe that Lebanon is built with all its sects, with their cooperation, with their assistance, with their love, with their integration, and with mutual respect among them. No one works for another. Everyone has his own personality, heritage, history, civilization and culture. Once they used to talk about cultural diversity and not about cultural multiplicity. This is useless. There is cultural diversity and cultural multiplicity and cultural multiplicity…. Some people have Arab origin; others have Phoenician origin, others have Babylonian origin…. No matter what our origin is, this is sheer theories. However, on the ground, we are Lebanese of various sects. No sect - no matter how powerful it innately grew or no matter how powerful it grew with the support of foreign states - may rule Lebanon. This is over. Consequently, whoever thinks of civil peace in Lebanon, of establishing a state in Lebanon, of unity among Lebanese, of united existence and not only with coexistence must eliminate from his mind that if his sect is strong he may bully others, rule others or lead others. No! We as Lebanese are all equal. We have the same rights and obligations as is supposed by the Constitution. We are concerned in living together, carrying on together, building our country together, and protecting our country together. Here I say again that the way to that is dialogue. The problem in our country is that there is a political group which does not want serious dialogue. As far as the Resistance is concerned, they don't want a defense strategy. Didn't I give a speech few days ago? Still they said that the Sayyed is asserting that he does not want to hand the arms in. They are not ashamed of the goal. They have nothing such as how to protect the country and defend it. They don't think of these people who live on the border line in the South and those who are building their houses adjacent to the border line, those who are picnicking at Wazzani, those who are inaugurating hotels there, and those who plow their lands there. How are these to feel secure and have confidence? Nobody thinks of that. They only think of how to disarm the Resistance. Everyday, they talk with such logic and stress it. They don't want a defense strategy. They don't want to build a state. You would tell them let's hold a national dialogue conference to build the state, they would say you want to control over the state. You would call on them to hold an establishing conference, they would say this is dangerous. This would reconsider the bases of this country and shift them to Iran.

Let's cling to this regime then. We have the Taef. Well we have Taef and we believe in Taef. We have been with Taef since 1990. Today we are in 2012.

O brother! There are respectable people in Lebanon who say let's develop. Any person who has a car tries to enhance it. If he has a house, he renovates it. We have an entire political regime. Let's develop it. They would say this is blasphemy. This is forbidden.

We suggested on them a national unity government. They don't want. Do you know in simple words what they want? They want two things. O March 14 Bloc! Do not bother yourselves. We are going to the dialogue table to bother ourselves. There's no problem in that. We call for dialogue. In simple words they want two things: O Resistance! Hand in your arms! O government of PM Mikati and the political forces go home and give us government.

Well if we hand in the government for you, will you protect the country? How will you protect it? There is no answer. They can't supply the Lebanese Army with a rocket; how are they to protect the country then?

Well if we gave you the government, will you make reforms? How are they to make reforms when they are responsible of most of the corruption in the government and the state's administrations?

Will you pay back the loans? Now there are some people who are talking about achievements of the current government. Well, the issue may not be that of achievements. Today when the majority in the government tell PM Mikati we do not want taxes. We can't make the people bear more taxes. We do not want to increase the VAT. The man is logical and accepts that as he knows that the people in Lebanon are in hardships. By God, should the government resign and a government for March 14 Bloc be formed, on the following day the VAT would be 15%. Other things would follow this pattern too.

Their government is that of taxes. It is a government that does not see the poor. It's the government of some elites who must live a lofty life while the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese people would be under the poverty line. That does not concern them a lot.

At least this government in the most dangerous events which are taking place in the region – meaning the events in Syria – announced the policy of staying aside – that's apart from the argument in the government on this issue. However, if this government resigned and their government came to power, by God the North would be an upon front with Syria and Bekaa would be an open front with Syria. The Americans, the English, the French and the other Arabs – we will not call them by their names – would open camps in Bekaa and the North and things would go into chaos. In fact, if the Lebanese people did not benefit from the current government except by it not adding taxes as they do, by not getting the country involved in fighting on the level of regional events, and by preserving in this stage a degree of stability on the internal level, that would be a great blessing. That's because where to do the alternative (their government) want to take this country? Anyway, this is their milieu and their atmosphere. Thus I say as I wrap my word that there is no way other than sitting again and talking together. No one wants to annul the others, and no one want to eliminate the others. In fact, no one must think as such. We hope they are allowed to come back to the dialogue table. Here I will be precise. I hope no one will prevent dialogue in Lebanon.

Sisters! Today in Syria dialogue is forbidden. We have undertaken great efforts with sides in the Opposition. We said that the regime is ready for dialogue without any conditions. They did not accept. They do not accept unconditional dialogue. Iran presented a dialogue. They did not accept. Russia suggested a dialogue. They did not accept. That means that the various sides are offering dialogue with no conditions but it is they who are not accepting. Why? That's because the Americans and the West backed with Israel and some regional states are preventing even the Syrian Opposition from undertaking dialogue with no conditions. It can't take a decision because the stage we reached in Syria is a realization of the project of demolishing Syria.

What America wants is demolishing Syria. What the West and Israel want is demolishing Syria. Their heart is not aching for the army, for the armed groups, for the regime, for the opposition, and for this sect or that sect. They are trying to push the events in a sectarian direction.

Dialogue is forbidden in Syria knowing that what is taking place today – as we are in the nights of the Month of Ramadan- really aches the heart: victims, wounded, demolished houses, displaced people, refugees…. On the humanistic level and despite the political position, man can't but shed bloody tears for this scene. Where is Syria the strong, the prideful, the beautiful, the calm and the stable now? If you left things to be settled militarily, that means things are moving towards more killing, demolition and bloodshed. The solution is through halting fighting. People would go back to the dialogue table without preconditions. That's because whoever sets conditions won't be willing to make a dialogue. Dialogue is prevented. America is preventing dialogue. The world is preventing dialogue. We hope that people in Syria would calm down and think for a while. This is the solution. There is no other solution.

I wrap up with Lebanon. I hope Inshallah that we do not put conditions for dialogue, that doors remain open between the Lebanese, that the Lebanese remain able to talk with each other and that no international or regional obstacles would prevent them from talking with each other. That's because the alternative to dialogue is chaos which is meant to be spread all over the region.

Inshallah, with your incessant firm presence, with your support, love, and advocacy, the Resistance would carry on at the service of this nation and this dear and honorable people. It will defend this precious country, protect it and guard it against all risks, and as it made victories it will make more victories. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.