Saturday, August 25, 2012

ALBA, UNASUR and even OAS - all reaffirm the primacy of international law

Okay, not all of them quite to the same degree.  If ALBA and UNASUR clearly and unconditionally backed Ecuador, the OAS passed only a vague, lukewarm and non-specific resolution.  So what?  Everybody knows that the OAS is Anglo-controlled.  But even though the USA opposed the meeting, it had to agree to the resolution passed on the condition that it made no specific reference to the UK.  Fair enough - that is the best the OAS could produce.

And yet, what this does show is the deep isolation of the Anglosphere from the rest of the planet.  Sure, the Empire can get its members puppets to give it some kind of show of support, but nobody is dupe about the bottom line which is that the planet is now basically split into two groups: those who care and observe international law and those who do not.  The latter group include the Anglosphere, NATO and EU member states, Israel, and assorted US puppet states (at this latest OAS meeting it was the turn of the Dominican Republic to show some "commendable" signs of subservience to US interests).

What is happening to the Empire is, ironically, a process I would call of "Israelization": a dynamic in which it is rather obvious that the world's elites dare not speak against it, but the rest of the planet hates and despises it.  We can think of "Israelization" as the inevitable backlash resulting from a systematic disregard for international law combined with an equally systematic use of violence or threat thereof (which is, of course, a form of violence in itself).

Of course, the imperial rulers are far too ignorant of history, to full of hubris and racist arrogance and, frankly, too stupid to realize how dangerous this process is for them.  They will "get it" only by the time it is way too late to stop it.  Herein therefore lies a great opportunity for all of us, those who are not "with them" as Dubya would say: the Empire slowly bleeds itself financially, isolates itself politically and eventually it will realize that it simply cannot prevail by infinite arrogance and violence.  But by then it will be too late.

The Saker