Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Israelis - clever, but stupid

Netanyahu looked very happy the other day: he got Papandreou to do Israel's bidding and the outrageous sight of Greek Coast Guard commandos intercepting the Audacity of Hope in the Mediterranean waters clearly made the Israelis very happy.  The Greeks also let the Israelis sabotage several ships in port without so much as opening an investigation.  Besides, I can assure you that the Greeks knew about the Israeli sabotage teams.  These boats were too high-visibility for the Greek counter-intelligence service not to keep a very close eye on them and the Israelis would never have gone ahead with several sabotage operations without Greek acquiescence.  So it is quite clear that the Israelis got their Greek shabbos-goy  Papandreou to do their dirty work for them, so why not rejoice?

Well, if the Israelis had any sense of strategy at all, they would realize that they achieved a small tactical victory at the cost of a strategic failure.  Think about it:

First, the point of the Freedom Flotilla 2 (FF2) was never really to get to Gaza or, even less so, to deliver any substantial amount of humanitarian aid.  This is even more true for the Audacity of Hope which was carrying only letters of support (the US regime considers that any aid to Gaza is "material support for terrorism").  The point of the FF2 is to denounce the blockade of Gaza and by getting this issue into the front page.  It does not really matter that much whether Gaza is blockaded only by Israel, or by Israel and its Greek shabbos-goyim.  The point is that the 1'500 000 people of Gaza are undergoing a slow motion genocide because of the racist ideology of a Zionist regime with modern weapons and medieval religious and racial theories.

Second, sooner or later, the Greeks will have to let the ships go.  Yes, they are now declaring that they won't, but this will all be challenged in the courts.  Furthermore, if the Papandeou regime really takes a Likud-like hard line on this, it will soon face exactly the same struggle about ships leaving Greece as the Israelis have with not letting ships into Gaza.  Bottom line - the Papandreou stance is unsustainable over time.

Third, the Israelis are doing to Greece now exactly what they did to Turkey a year ago: they are really pissing off the average man in the street.  Oh yes, sure, the Greeks are busy fighting the Papandreou regime's sellout of Greece to the international bankers, so the issue of the Audacity of Hope, Gaza and Israel are not their top problem right now.  But that does not mean that the hated Papandreou regime will not become associated with Israel's clear demonstration of power and influence over it.  I happen to know Greece well, really well.  I can assure you that most Greeks are a) pro-Palestinian b) anti-Israeli and c) anti-US.  Many are also anti-Jewish and see any sign of Jewish influence with utmost hostility.  In this context, the latest show of (political) force by the Israelis will just add more fuel to an already quit happily burning anti-Jewish pyre.  I can just imagine the talk in many Greek homes tonight: "the Jews are controlling our government and this government is tear-gassing us and selling our country to international bankers".  And let me tell you, most people in next door Turkey, Macedonia, and Serbia will only agree.  Talk about an anti-Israeli crescent being carefully built by the Israelis themselves!

Fourth, this is a big "coming out".  The first big "coming out" was in the USA, under Clinton when, for the first time, pro-Israeli Jewish politicians took up pretty much all position of importance in the US government and when the regime in power became *openly* pro-Zionist.  Now the same is happening in Europe.  Any European with an IQ at room temperature or above will look at the policies of folks like Sarkozy or Papandreou and realize that Europe is no less an Israeli colony than the USA.  Call them Neocons, call them Zionists, call them anything you want, but what is clear is that these politicians don't give a damn about their people and that they are comprehensively sold out to US and Israeli interests.  And remember that Europe is full of Muslims many of whom will gladly, if needed, connect the dots for those needing help with this.

Fifth, it is becoming even more obvious that the so-called European "Left" is just another faction of the party of international bankers, the US Empire and Zionist interests.  And, just like in the USA, elections change nothing.  Sure, one puppet replaces another, but the policies don't change or, if they do, they only change for the worse.  In the case of Greece, New Democracy or PASOK is as empty a choice as the one between the Republicrats and the Demoblicans on the USA.

The ubuesque situation with the Audacity of Hope is just the latest manifestation of how dysfunctional the EU has become.  It is the small tip of a much larger iceberg of European decadence and rot: the EU stands for nothing but subservience to the powerful, petty politics, greed and hypocrisy.

So let the Israelis celebrate their Pyrrhic victory.  They are like the folks who were partying on the deck of the Titanic, utterly oblivious to the fact that their presumable unsinkable ship would soon rest at the bottom of the ocean. 

The Israelis have always been clever, but stupid. If they had any strategic sense, they would let any flotilla arrive in Gaza and unload whatever cargo they would carry.  The reality is that none of these ships carry any weapons, that the amount of supplies they bring is symbolic, and that the slow motion genocide of Gaza would in no way be affected by such flotillas.  Lastly, the organizers would soon run out of money, the political activist run out of time and energy, and the press run out of any interest for ships bringing supplies to Gaza.  But the Israelis are far too stupid to understand that.  As I have said here over and over and over again - there is no such thing as an intelligent racist.  These two conditions are mutually exclusive. 

Racists are always and by definition deluded.  Their racist hubris brings them to believe that they will always prevail, no matter what.  Just has Hitler was still working on 'brilliant' counter-attack plans when we was already totally surrounded by Soviet forces in Berlin, so will the Zionists dream of grand schemes for their ethnically pure "Jewish state of Israel with its eternal and undivided capital Jerusalem" even with the entire planet openly will loathe them.  The end of their dream will come to them as it comes to all racists: as a stunning, totally unexpected surprise.

For the time being, the corporate press will stay silent about all this.  But that does not mean that this process is not well under way.  On all fronts - Gaza, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, and, of course, Greece - the US/Israeli Empire is achieving small tactical successes at the cost of huge strategic losses.

This is exactly how quicksand kills.  Every motion you make only makes you sink deeper.  And whether you are aware about it or not makes no damn difference.  Netanyahu would have made a great captain on the Titanic.

The Saker