Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bosnia, Kosovo and now Libya - the blueprint does not change

Interesting piece on the BBC website today.  First, we are told that the folks who killed General Abdel Fattah Younes are Islamists of the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade. Then we are told that NATO bombed three satellite transmission dishes of the Libyan state TV.

Now the killing of a former Gaddafi regime bonze like  Abdel Fattah Younes hardly breaks my heart, but I am amazed at two things: first, how Younes easily went from Gaddafi thug to anti-Gaddafi freedom fighter and, second, that the Islamists did not shy away from killing one of the top military commanders of the anti-Gaddafi forces.  While it is already telling that they succeeded in killing him, but it is even far more telling that they dared actually execute such a plan.  Why?  Because only a force totally sure of its political power could hatch and go ahead with such a plan.  In other words, Gaddafi is right: the anti-Gaddafi forces are largely, if not primarily, composed of al-Qaeda types.

As for NATO bombing TV centers - that is nothing new.  The official reason is, of course, that these TV centers are accused of "inflammatory broadcasts".   

And just like in Bosnia and Kosovo, the world just looks away and never asks itself who will be next?