Monday, January 31, 2011

No 'Zionist panic' out there (am I missing something?)

I do that from time to time.  I browse the headlines at Forward, Commentary, I check the websites of JTA, JINSA, ADL, Stand with us, BBI, AIPAC, etc. and then I turn to the real heavyweight Zionist power players: the NYT, the WP and the WSJ.  In the latter, I scan the opinion pieces and the editorials.  So far, the general feeling is absolutely unmistakable: not a single sign of real worry, not one reference about any 'existential threat' to Israel, nothing about any resurgence of "new Egyptian Antisemitism", not even a reference to an (always assumed possible) 'second Holocaust'.

Nothing.  Not a single "oi veh!"

If anything, general expression of support for the "democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people".

Quick look at the Israeli media (Haaretz, JP, Arutz Sheva, etc.).  Not much of a panic either, though some concerns about the situation in Egypt and its possible consequences.

It might be too early to tell (it's still the week end, at least in the USA).  And maybe its the result of shell-shock.  But so far, I see no sign of panic from the Zionists.

Do you also wonder why?