Saturday, January 29, 2011

Events in Egypt and Russia (while I am sick)

Dear friends,

I am still really sick, though the antibiotics have kicked in and I hope to be back in more or less normal shape in a day or so.

Please keep on posting news items and comments here, in particular concerning the events in Egypt.

Two small notes of substance (I am too sick to write more):

a) Predictably, it appears that the Empire will not let go of Egypt go without a bloodbath.  It appears that a full series of Imperial puppets are lined up behind Mubarak to make it look like change has happened, but that *regime change* will not be allowed to happen.  My personal (and possibly mistaken) opinion is that el Baradei might well be the most dangerous of these pseudo-opponents. I might be wrong, but I fear that el Baradei might be an "Egyptian Obama": fake change.

b) Russian authorities have declared that the author of the bombing in Domodedovo was a 20 year old man from the North Caucasus.  They are not revealing the name.

Dear friends, I apologize for not being able to run this blog halfway decently at such a time.  Please post as much as you want and keep the rest of us involved.

Kind regards,

The Saker