Monday, November 1, 2010

Two more Russian Generals have recently died in mysterious circumstances

That's right. Besides Shamanov, who survived his car crash only thanks to the self-sacrifice of his driver who moved his side of the car towards the incoming truck, two more Russian Generals known to oppose the so-called "reforms" of Serdiukov have recently died in mysterious circumstances:

Lieutenant-General Dubrov, chairman of Russian Council of Senior Officers was killed on October 28 while returning home from a meeting of the organizers of a protest rally in support of Airborne Troops and against the "reforms" of Serdiukov.

The same day, in the center of Moscow, the body of Lieutenant General (Ret.) Debashvili was found. The details of his death have been kept from the public.  The medias have only been told that the doctors "have not found any signs of violent death on the body".


In the meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense as released a rather unusual communique to "reassure" the public stating that Shamanov's car accident "was not an attempted murder".