Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two very different takes on the "Greek crisis" (UPDATED!)

To be very honest, I have not kept a close eye on what has been going on in the EU or, even less so, Greece. I also get a strong feeling that there is a lot of smoke and propaganda around all this. I would like to share with you two very different outlooks on this topic: the analyses of investment banker Marshall Auerback and French economist Franck Biancheri. They are both 'heavyweights' in the field, they both speak very convincingly, and yet they both totally disagree, in particular on what the Greek crisis means for the EU, the UK and, eventually, the USA.

Listen to Biancheri here:
Guns and Butter - May 5, 2010 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

As for Auerback, you can listen to his very interesting interview by George Kenny by visiting the website Electric Politics:

If you know of any good articles, audio or video recordings or books which you believe could help me make sense of what is going on in this latest economic crisis, please let me know.


The Saker

UPDATE1: L. just reminded me of these most interesting YouTube videos of Peter Schiff - the chief economic advisor for Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul. Also very interesting!

UPDATE2: another very interesting take on all this: Michael Hudson, Chief Economic Advisor to Dennis Kucinich in 2008, just published "Drop Dead Economics: The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union - The Wealthy Won’t Pay Their Taxes, So Labor Must Do So" at