Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok - moderation on, at least for the foreseeable future

Dear friends,

Thanks for your emails and comments. I have to tell you that the idea that somebody could be 'spamming' the blog as a way to saturate it with garbage had never crossed my mind. I did wonder whether anybody in his/her right mind would actually hope to get some sales with this kind of idiotic 'marketing strategies', but that there could be a non-commercial intention behind this is something which I never even considered.

Whatever the case, 'moderation' is henceforth on. I will try to publish legitimate comments ASAP and I hope that I will do a halfway decent job of not making you wait.

I also take an oath to you of never *ever* rejecting a comment on political grounds. The only stuff which I will shoot is bona fide spam: a mass mailing aimed at selling some commodity or service. All others, no matter how offensive or politically incorrect will be published.

Kind regards and many thanks for your support and understanding,

The Saker