Friday, February 19, 2010

Take revenge on these bastards now!

Today, 1,000 Signatures from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) were submitted to Congress citing new scientific evidence of explosive demolition at WTC. This global event included special press conferences conducted in over 23 cities worldwide with the press conference in San Francisco broadcast worldwide over the Internet.

Now take a look at the sickening bullshit the corporate media was broadcasting to the American public. Please, do watch it: only suffering through the 14 minutes of this idiotic performance will allow you to fully measure the degree of helpless imbecility in which the leaders of the USraelian Empire want to hold us all.

And once you are done this, consider what you can do to strike back at these bastards: take the following two simple steps:

1) sever ANY and ALL your exposure to the corporate media: throw away your TV (smash and burn it - it's fun) get rid of all your FM/AM radios (keep a worldwide shortband receiver and a police scanner), take a solemn vow never to hold a newspaper in your hands again, unless it is an emergency and you are out of toilet paper.

2) get ALL your info from the Internet and ONLY from the Internet. Here is a short list of some alternative news outlets:

Internet Radio:
  • Pacifica radio KPFK-LA:
  • Pacifica radio KPFA-Berkley:
  • "No lies radio":
  • Radio4all:
  • Radio Indymedia:
Al-Jazeera: (no video)

Press TV:
mms:// (direct stream)

Telesur: (in Spanish)

Russia Today:

Of course, none of these TV stations are to be considered The Word Of Truth (all in caps), but they are at least not controlled by the USraelien Empire and, as such, represent a valuable alternative.

And if you cannot do these two simple things, then watch the Tiger Woods press conference over and over and over again until you feel the urge to do so with relief and joy.

The Saker