Friday, February 5, 2010

Finkelstein says NO to Crocodile Tears

(I just saw this on Gilad's blog and it's too good to pass)

Note: the full movie can be downloaded from the Pirate Bay here:

It is worth noting that unlike some pseudo-progressives or anarcho-capitalists, the producers of this movie are not threatening lawsuits about the so-called "illegal" downloads of their movie. Instead, they posted this message on The Pirate Bay:

Hello torrenters. I'm the owner of the film production company that released this film.

We're a tiny operation of four employees working out of a hole in the wall in Seattle. In this current economy, we're really fighting hard just to stay afloat - even big companies like Miramax are dying.

If you want us to be able to continue to deliver quality and controversial films like this one, we have to be able to make enough to survive.

Please consider buying this film:

(As you can see, we can't even afford to hire a web designer.)

I can only urge everybody to either purchase this movie (even after seeing the torrented download) or send these folks a donation. These guys deserve our support and they need the $$$ to contine to make good movies. Let's give them a hand!

The Saker