Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack "no we can't" Obama gets the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

The American people put the Democrats back in power in Congress specifically to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What did they get in return? The "Surge". Then they put Obama in power to stop the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. What did they get since?

a) not a single anti-war Democrat in Obama's cabinet
b) the foam-at-his-mouth Zionist extremist Rahm Emanuel as Obama's Chief of Staff (see note at the bottom)
c) a huge escalation of the war in Afghanistan
d) an extension of the war into the Swat areas of Pakistan
e) an acceleration of the preparations to attack Iran
f) Gitmo trials are still going on, PATRIOT act still active, etc.
g) Dubya era war criminals are free from prosecution
h) Van Jones, the only person in Obama's Administration who supported a new 9/11 investigation is fired
i) the plans to finally give the USA a civilized health care system are abandoned

One would imagine that with such a tally Barack Obama would be clearly seen for what he is: just another puppet for exactly the same elites who ran the Dubya puppet. But no, it turns out that the friggin Nobel Committee has given Barack "no we can't" Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!

Now, it is quite true that the Nobel Prize has a, shall we say, rather "checkered" history and has been granted to such "humanitarians" as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat, Le Duc Tho, and even Henry Kissinger (!). Interestingly, Ghandi - who was nominated five times - never got this prize. So it's not the first time that this prize is awarded to bonafide war criminals, terrorists or imperial leaders.

Still, the news this morning leaves me seething with rage at the arrogant clowns who had the mind-blowing "political correctness" to give Obama the prize while he is running three imperial wars.

What can one answer to such triumphant brown-nosing, to such monumental hyprocrisy? Only one thing I suppose - that we shall never surrender to it. Never. The brilliant American singer David Rovics (whose music and art I will review here in the near future), puts it best:

When I say the hungry should have food
I speak for many
When I say no one should have seven homes
While some don't have any
Though I may find myself stranded in some strange place
With naught but a vapid stare
I remember the world and I know
We are everywhere

When I say the time for the rich, it will come
Let me count the ways
Victories or hints of the future
Havana, Caracas, Chiapas, Buenos Aires
How many people are wanting and waiting
And fighting for their share
They hide in their ivory towers
But we are everywhere

Religions and prisons and races
Borders and nations
FBI agents and congressmen
And corporate radio stations
They try to keep us apart, but we find each other
And the rulers are always aware
That they're a tiny minority
And we are everywhere

With every bomb that they drop, every home they destroy
Every land they invade
Comes a new generation from under the rubble
Saying "we are not afraid"
They will pretend we are few
But with each child that a billion mothers bear
Comes the next demonstration
That we are everywhere.

So as an act of symbolic resistance, I hereby award the 2009 "Saker's Peace Prize" to David Rovics . Can't give him money or a gold medal, but he has my deepest respect and gratitude.

The Saker

PS: Some trivia: did you know that in Hebrew Rahm (רעם) means "thunder" and Barack (ברק) means "lightning." Some "weather forecast" for our poor planet....