Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wall of Hate - a must see video for every American home

There are, alas, many examples of grotesque violations of international law, human rights and basic norms of civilized behavior in our times. But the arrogant, brazen and cynical one is probably also the one which the least number of people have had the courage to condemn even after the International Court of Justice in the Hague did so: the "Wall of Hate" built by the racist Zionist state of Israel.

Frankly, the Wall is not the problem here - it is just a manifestation, a symptom, of the fundamentally racist character of the self-proclaimed "Jewish state", the last country on the planet to openly declare itself ethnically pure. But it would be grossly unfair to only blame the racist Israelis for this Wall. At least, the Israelis have largely given up any pretense of trying to resolve the "Palestinian question" (why is it called "Palestinian question" and not a "Jewish question" anyway?! Nobody spoke of the "Black question" in South Africa...) by civilized means. But what about the rest of the presumably civilized, democratic and law-abiding world? What about the rest of the Arab world? What about the Islamic states?

The rest of the world deal with Israel in a business as usual manner, and most politicians try to outcompete each other in expressions of the most devoted pro-Israeli and pro-Zionist feelings (think of Biden here claiming he is a "non-Jewish Zionist"). Only very few states, such as Iran, have had the courage to openly and fully reject any kind of "business as usual" with the last racist state on the planet.

The Wall of Hate is a disgrace for all of mankind, for all of us.

I urge you to pass on this short video to all your friends and contacts.

Only our silence makes this Wall possible.

The Saker