Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alan Dershowitz endorses Obama as a Trojan Horse for Israel

I just came across an interesting read on Uruknet (via Palestinian Pundit). Turns out that the foam-at-his-mouth Israel supporter Alan Dershowitz endorses Obama. Dershowitz' for reasons which are very telling:

I think it is better for Israel to have a liberal supporter in the White House than to have a conservative supporter in the oval office. Obama's views on Israel will have greater impact on young people, on Europe, on the media and on others who tend to identify with the liberal perspective. Although I believe that centrists liberals in general tend to support Israel, I acknowledge that support from the left seems to be weakening as support from the right strengthens. The election of Barack Obama -- a liberal supporter of Israel -- will enhance Israel's position among wavering liberals. As I travel around university campuses both in the United States and abroad, I see radical academics trying to present Israel as the darling of the right and anathema to the left. As a liberal supporter of Israel, I try to combat that false image. Nothing could help more in this important effort to shore up liberal support for Israel than the election of a liberal president who strongly supports Israel and who is admired by liberals throughout the world.

You follow the logic? Since Obama is popular among "liberals" and since Obama is totally devoted to Israel, an Obama Presidency will place the Left (which is otherwise rather critical of Israel) in the position to have to support Israel (or condemn their darling Obama).

Not bad eh?!

Dershowitz is acutely aware that Isarel's image has gone down the tubes among the so-called Left far more than among "conservatives" and thus he wants Obama to serve as kind of "political Trojan Horse" to shove his darling "Jewish state" down the throats of the otherwise rather disgusted Left "liberals".

And he will probably get his way too.