Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Europe is just pathetic

I just finished reading the joint US-EU summit declaration adopted today in Slovenia. After reading it words like lame, myopic, spineless, clueless, obtuse or plain stupid immediately came to my mind. I will spare you the details of the text, you can check them for yourself, but the bottom line is simple: the EU is totally and shamelessly adopting the US stance on every single issue. This total surrender to the USA is even more pathetic in the context of the US empire being weaker than ever before in its history, of Dubya being the most unpopular US President ever, and the extremely serious consequences for Europe of such a slavish endorsement of the Neocon's agenda. What the Europeans are doing is as obviously self-defeating and myopic as somebody joining the NSDAP in 1945.

What a total disgrace.