Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are Congress Democrats demanding a war with Iran?

On May 20th I reported that Ehud Olmert told Nacy Pelosi that the USA should impose a naval blockade on Iran. Back in Washington, the rabidly pro-Israeli Pelosi immediately got to work and less than a month later H.CON.RES 362 was introduced by a New York Democrat (what else?) and with no less than 146 co-sponsors. Predictably, AIPAC was a key supporter of the resolution. Take a look at the excellent analysis by Andrew W. Cheetam for for more details.

Guess what? A blockade is an act of war under international law and a country committing it is guilty of the ultimate crime, the crime of aggression (Gordon Prather wrote a good commentary on this issue).

Thus, congressional Democrats (and Republicans, of course) are already war criminal under international law. No big news really. I wrote a year ago that, in my opinion, with the exception of only eight of them, ALL congressmen were war criminals.

All this really begs the question of whether there is any illegal, immoral, self-defeating, evil, irresponsible and simply stupid act which the US Congressmen and Congresswomen would not be willing to commit on behalf of Israel?

It appears that the answer to this is a clear "no".