Monday, May 19, 2008

Is the situation in Venezuela heating up again? (UPDATED)

Venezuela claims that Colombian military forces made in incursion into Venezuela
* Venezuela claims that a US aircraft violated its airspace
* Reports claim that the CIA is more active than ever in Venezuela

(And, of course, there is the latest "smoking laptop" propaganda scheme as a background context)

Stay tuned!


The US admits that one of its aircraft did violate Venezuela's airspace but claims that this was a mistake. As somebody who has spend some time professionally tracking aircraft movements, some of which were mistakes and some of which were 'deliberate mistakes', I see no reason not to believe the US version at this point. If the Venezuelans think otherwise, they should release the audio recordings of their radio contacts with the American pilot and a map of its actual flight route. (In most cases it is very easy to distinguish real and false mistakes).