Monday, February 18, 2008

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica addresses the Serbian nation about Kosovo


“Dear citizens of Serbia,

Today, on February 17, a phoney state of Kosovo has been declared in the part of Serbia’s territory that is under military control of NATO. This unprecedented lawlessness came as a result of destructive, cruel and immoral policy of force implemented by the US. This act informs the whole world that America puts force over the UN Charter and is ready to self-willingly, unscrupulously and violently jeopardise international order for the sake of its own military interests.

Putting violence over the principles of international law, the US used blind force and humiliated and forced the EU to break the principles that the very EU is based on. America forced Europe to follow it in unprecedented violence demonstrated against Serbia. Europe has bent its head today and that is why it will be responsible for far-reaching consequences that this violence will have on the European and world order. This act has above all humiliated the EU, not Serbia. Serbia rejected to be humiliated, respecting firmly the law and rejecting to obey force.

The unilateral proclamation of phoney state under the patronage of the US and the EU represents the final act of policy of force that started with aggression and insane bombardment of Serbia and then continued with the arrival of NATO troops in Kosovo-Metohija. Never before has the truth been clearer on the reason for Serbia being savagely destroyed with NATO bombs like it is clear today, on February 17. The real foundations of the phoney state of Kosovo are the bombs that NATO used to destroy Serbia. This is why real truth needs to be told that behind this phoney state are military interests of NATO, which is also confirmed in Annex 11 of Ahtisaari’s plan. Only in that way could this phoney state be created, and it will for ever remain phoney even if the Western countries sacrifice the whole world order and risk peace for its recognition.

The President of the US, who is responsible for this violence, and his European followers, will be written with black letters in Serbian history books, but also in the history of international law and world order that international law guarantees.

We well know how dangerous, cruel and blind the policy of force implemented by the US is. But knowing that, Serbia has resolutely and once and for all annulled all decisions on the unilateral independence as well as all future acts pertaining from this illegal act. Serbia has also annulled the decision of the EU to illegally send its mission to the province, which was made as a result of Europe’s lack of power. With this decision, the Serbian government established the basis of Serbian state and national programme for Kosovo-Metohija following February 17.

Citizens of Serbia, the phoney state of an independent Kosovo in Serbia’s territory does not and will never exist for Serbia. For Serbia, all Serbs and all citizens in the province who respect our state are Serbian citizens enjoying full rights. That is why it is important that laws and institutions of the Republic of Serbia are valid for them. As of today, we must show greater concern and solidarity with our people in Kosovo-Metohija. All ministries have been directed to work and provide considerably better living conditions, help create new jobs and launch investments in the province. The state of Serbia will take greatest possible care about its each and every citizen in Kosovo-Metohija. And our ministers are with their people in the province today.

We warn that since the arrival of NATO troops in Kosovo-Metohija, many Serbs have been killed and exiled, whereas numerous houses, ancient monasteries and churches have been burnt down. Since NATO came, too much evil and violence has been imposed upon Serbs. That is why new innocent victims, new exiles and new destructions in Kosovo must not happen by any means. There was too much violence against Serbs and those who took on responsibility for security in the province must absolutely fulfil their obligations.

I wish to once again repeat that Serbia is an old state, that the Serbian nation is an old European nation. Through our centuries-long state-building history as nation, we experienced the evils that foreign force can impose. But in our history, we got assured even more of the force of law and justice and the values of freedom. Law, justice and freedom will guide us until we get the province of Kosovo-Metohija back to where it belongs, the constitutional order of Serbia. And while the policy of force thinks it has triumphed today by creating a phoney state, millions of Serbs are thinking already of the day of freedom that must come. No one has ever managed to prevent the Serbian people come to its freedom. All that we cannot do today, new and better generations than us will do tomorrow. Kosovo is Serbia and it must always be like that.

Citizens of Serbia, we must show to the whole world together that we oppose the breaking up of our state and that we do not accept violent creation of the phoney state in our territory. By opposing the policy of violence that is implemented on Serbia, we must be united and give our say as support to our compatriots and citizens in Kosovo-Metohija. The government and parliamentary parties will organise together peaceful protests across Serbia as well as the first big protest in Belgrade. In these protests, our dignity must be above force against we are fighting. We shall leave force to violators, who, by using it, disgraced themselves for all times; we shall show the power of law and justice and we shall show how much we love and respect freedom and free Serbia with our Kosovo-Metohija. As long as the Serbian people exist, Kosovo remains Serbia.”