Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The sad story the of AIPAC trial

The entire story of the “AIPAC trial” is yet another example of the fact that the “land of the free & home of the brave” and the “world’s only superpower” has become the subservient banana republic of a small country in the Middle-East. What is so amazing to me is that all the flag-waving “patriots” who thump their chests forcefully declare that they are so “proud to be an American” (stress on the ‘e’) just don’t want to notice how little reason there is for this pride.
The sad reality is that USA is now in many ways a third-world country: wealth distribution, health care, literacy rates, torture, capital punishment, police brutality, racism, crumbling infrastructure, incarceration rate, barbaric labor laws, etc. In fact, the USA as a society has much more in common with, say, Paraguay or Tunisia than we Germany or Japan.
Admittedly, this is a generalization and some part of the US (northern California, Vermont) are in many, but not all, aspects pretty much as civilized as most European countries. But the bulk of the country, including its capital, is just a mess.
Of course, the USA has a huge military, a huge intelligence community, a huge homeland security, more cops per capita than any other developed country, a large nuclear arsenal, etc. All this huge infrastructure is supposed to provide “security” and protection for mischievous alien powers, right? Well, the AIPAC trial (if there ever is one) or the “Israeli art students” affair clearly show that all these spent billions are totally wasted: the roaring giant is afraid of the small dwarf, the elephant is terrified of the mouse.
All the stuff which would be valid reasons to be proud of the USA (the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the First Amendment freedoms, fantastic music, great science, the kindness of the people, the beauty of nature - whatever) are all being deconstructed by the thugs in power and very few Americans seem to realize this.
As doctors like to say “the prognosis is poor”. The USA, as a society, is crumbling, falling apart and clearly unable to even stand up for its most basic national interests. The AIPAC trial is just another symptom of this sad reality.