Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Neocon bites the dust

It's over. Wolfowitz has been given the boot. Is that the World Bank's wonderful honesty and good governance at work? Of course not.

I mean - you gotta be kiddin' - right? A international civil servant gives a promotion to his mistress, is that really something so unique? What nonesense, it is done on a daily basis at the United Nations, European Parliament, International Labor Office, World Health Organization, etc. and, of course, this happens daily at the World Bank. And its not like this is a big secret either, any person working there know about this. So this is exactly like the Khodorkovsky trial in Putin's Russia for tax evasion - it has little to do with some alledged crime (however real) and everything to do with a vendetta for other reasons. Neither Khodorkovsky nor Wolfowitz did anything all their outraged collegues had not been doing for years. Khodorkovsky got jailed for his refusal to share hius loot with Putin and Wolfowitz' case is yet another example of the US "Anglos & Oil" lobby going after a well-known Neocon (with the kind assistance of some friends in Europe and, in particular, the UK).

The White House perfectly understood that perfectly and did it utmost to stand by Wolfowitz, but to no avail: the old Neocon will be the next victim of the Anglos & Oil lobby's war against the Neocons and it appears that Neocons are taking quite a beating: Scooter Libby, John Bolton, Steve Rosen, Keith Weissman, Larry Franklin and good ole Rumsfeld of course, Neocon heads are rolling in the dust. Now that Greg Palast is trying to get Carl Rove and possibly even Imprial Majesty Dick Cheney finally exposed for their role in the "US attorney firing scandal" the Neocons are in real danger of loosing their grip on power.

My guess is that they will strke back, rather sooner than later. And that is really, really scary. Why?

What happened when Bush the Lesser was fraudulently "elected" and was seen as a lame idiot by most of the public opinion? 9-11. What happened when Putin's popularity began to sink in Russia? The "Chechen" bombings in Moscow. What happened when Tony Blair's rating began dropping in free-fall? The 7/7 bombings in the UK. Of course, these are just coincidences, but for some reason each time one of the Imperial rulers run into trouble, some terrorist bails them out. This time, this might just be some "Persian Gulf of Tonkin" incident like, say, some missile hitting Israel coming from the "general direction" of Iran, or something equally ludicrous.