Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Okay - I heard you! I will further tighten the "Nazi-control policies"

Okay, I heard you and you were right.

Effective immediately, I will tighten the "Nazi-control policies" even further and more of their posts will go to the trash bin in even grater numbers than before.

For the record, while I have seen a few Ziotrolls popping up on a regular basis (and, for the record, I also consider Zionism as a clear form of racism and Jewish supremacism which I categorically oppose), their numbers are *nothing* in comparison to the outright harassment campaign that this blog has been submitted to by the Nazis, neo-Nazis, para-Nazis, and kinda-Nazis.  To them I say: 

Boy am I sick and tired of you guys......  For one thing, you belong on the side of the Bandera-fans and their western ideological supporters, not on a blog which is 100% anti-racist.  And if you are too arrogant or too stupid to understand that, then I will help you more energetically form now on.

To all others - my apologies for being too permissive and too slow to take action.  My bad.

Kind regards,

The Saker

PS: important clarification: some of you have suggested that I bring these pests upon myself by references to WWII.  Guys - these references are indispensable to understand what is going on, and this is exactly how these events are viewed in Novorossia.  It might be strange for somebody in the USA or Australia to hear that many (most?) Russians consider the current war in the Ukraine as a direct continuation of WWII, but this is how many (most?) of us feel.  Likewise, it is absolutely impossible to understand the Right Sektor, the Freedom Party, and even the Fatherland Party without understanding that these are truly the direct ideological heirs to Bandera and his allies.   So if this a cultural and geographical difference in perception (Anglo-Saxon vs Slavic) I would suggest that you might as well accept and get used to the fact that this is how many (most?) people on both sides of this conflict see this war: a direct continuation of WWII.    The Saker