Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11th Ukraine combat SITREP by Juan

The retreat from Slavyansk and surrounding area was successful. Losses occurred but they were minimal. 'Minimal' is a terrible term. Sounds fine unless you happen to be one of the 'minimal'.

The world's eyes and minds were focused on The Cauldron (Slavyansk and Kramatorsk) and the Novorossiya/Russia borders for over two months. During that time many things happened in other areas of Novorossiya, away from prying eyes.

The donations of weapons and equipment from the Ukeland Army were significant, although the Ukeland Air Force gave only one SU 25 as far as is publicly known. Hospitable Mention goes to Militsiya, DAI, SBU and right sector for their generous contributions of light and medium arms and anti tank missiles in addition to the Ukeland Government for their weapons storage depots.

11 July. 24th Mechanized Battalion, based in Lemberg, no longer combat viable. They deployed in lager in the open rolling steppes north of Donetsk. Grad missiles fired in one salvo totally destroyed the battalion and equipment. The losses in troops were very high, estimates are over 400 dead.

Partisan activities have increased in the occupied area of Novorossiya and Kharkov.

11 July, Slavyansk. A Uke column of tanks and BTR's came under attack. 2 MBT and 3 BTR destroyed.

10 July, night. A large Uke supply column ambushed near Lugansk with significant losses.

09 July. Command structure for Army of Novorossiya in place and operating.

11 July. Ukeland troops, mainly right sector, cut off and surrounded Donetsk Aerodrome. Two units Arrow anti aircraft missile launchers in positions of Army of Novorossya. Units donated by Ukeland Army last week.

New 'peace plan' formulated by President Poroshenko of Ukeland is the same as the last one which Ukeland did not honor. Army of Novorossiya is to disarm and surrender, throw themselves on the mercy of Ukeland or 'return to Russia', no negotiations offered. One would question his sanity.

Heavy fighting near Kramatorsk involving a Ukeland armor battalion and partisans. So far 3 MBT destroyed and one captured. Loses unknown at this time.

USA has demanded the release by Russia of detained female Ukeland pilot involved in the murder of two Russian journalists. Woman went to Russia to visit babushka using false documents and was arrested. She was in camouflage uniform. One would question her sanity also.

Reports of foreigners fighting in various right sector 'battalions' being identified for prosecution for terrorist acts are confirmed.

Reports of all right sector involved in Odessa and Mariupol massacres identified, murder, arson and terrorism cases prepared for their prosecution confirmed.

10 July. 'Donbas Battalion' of right sector destroyed. Again. Actual size of 'battalion' is small more than a Rota.

Rumors of a large column of 'Russian Army' unit in Lugansk are false. Having seen the video and identified the actual location in Lugansk, the unit is Lugansk Army unit with Ukeland donated trucks and towed medium artillery. This artillery piece can also double as anti tank gun. Using tungsten core ballistic cap solid shot the upgraded Uke tanks with reactive armor are easily holed. Weak points of the MBT are turret to hull join, area of main gun turret front, commander's cupola, lower hull sides and suspension system, final drive at rear of hull and rear hull plate. Floor of hull is also very vulnerable to anti tank mine that basically fires an antitank hollow charge round against the hull floor.

Militsiya personnel arrested in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and surrounding areas after the evacuation have unknown fate. Strong reports of all being shot are unconfirmed. It is difficult to find sympathy for Militsiyaneers as they are nothing but a criminal pyramid organization. Like DAI (traffic police with the same system) the first of each month each militsiyaneer is given his quota of Hriven to extract from the populace and to be passed up the chain of command. He is allowed to keep 3% as his take, the rest is passed up the chain, each line of command gets their percentage. They are also in the pay of the local and regional mafias. Sympathy from the locals? No.