Friday, February 27, 2015

Police beating people protesting currency collapse in Kiev

This is the note by Tatzhit Mihailovich under the YouTube video:

Remember how under the "dictator" Yanukovich, the police didn't disperse the protesters but only repelled extremists advancing on Congress and President's Administration? Yeah, that is no longer the case.

And how back then police didn't open fire even when the protesters burned a police armored car with Molotovs? Here, at 5:07 one can clearly hear them say several times: "touch us, and we will shoot to kill".

Oh yeah, and the reason those people are protesting: under Yanukovich, dollar cost 8 hryvna. Now, it costs 34! Those people have dollar loans - if before paying back say $50 a month took a quarter of their salary, now it may be more than they earn.

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss?

UPDATE (full story at ) :
This event is more interesting due to reaction to it, not the fact that police beat some protesters up. This far from the first time we see the new government being worse than "dictator" Yanukovich, starting with dispersing the original Maidan, mass arrests against Kharkov austerity rallies, clashes by the Rada, etc. This may be the first time the capital police do this to a non-violent crowd, but hardly something shocking.

What's interesting is the reaction: the event is exploding over a lot of Ukrainian media and social networks, apparently. Some popular bloggers are claiming it may be a staged excuse to topple Poroshenko, much like the carefully planned "Christmas tree" clash ultimately toppled Yanukovich.

Whether this is truly engineered, or the explosion of discontent is simply because common people and media alike smell the "blood in the water" (panic over the hryvna collapse just made the whole government hugely unpopular) is uncertain and may even turn out to be irrelevant - all that matters is what long-term fallout we will see. And this is already going way beyond a few hurt protesters and ruined tents...

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