Monday, January 27, 2014

Another counter-example: Justice Minister Elena Lukash

I just wanted to also mention another interesting counter-example of resistance to the mob: Ukrainian Justice Minister Elena Lukash who, when her ministry was invaded by armed rioters went on TV and issued an ultimatum: either leave the ministry or I will introduce martial law.

Elena Lukash
The mob withdrew.

The Ukrainian government denied that it was considering introducing martial law.


Nevertheless, this goes to show that the these rampaging mobs are well organized and centrally commanded by folks who fully realize that the government does, at least in theory, have the means to stop the riots.  When these mobs are met with a firm and determined officials, they back down.

There are decent people in the Ukraine and there are courageous people even in the government.  The problem is clearly with the spineless fat protoplasm in charge of the Presidency.

In the meantime the Zapadentsy, probably overcome by a "democratic impulse", have banned the Regions Party and the Communist Party for the areas which they currently control.  In retaliation, the authorities of Crimea have banned the neo-Nazi "Liberty" party form the territory of the Peninsula.

Intense negotiations are under way before tomorrow's session of the Ukrainian Parliament which could see the nomination of a new coalition government if an agreement is found.  

Two rumors: 1) Ukrainian weapons depots in the western Ukraine are being taken over by the nationalists 2) the security forces are preparing a 10'000 strong force to clear the Maidan square, possibly tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

The Saker