Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, October 28, 2013.

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I welcome you all and thank this dear audience for their participation in marking this valued occasion that honors precious fighters and persons who make great sacrifices, and highly esteems a developed, advanced, generous institution on which great hopes were linked and which lived up to these expectation. More hopes are linked to it, and it is also fit of all these expectations.

Today indeed we are before this achievement, development, and level that the Arrasoul Al Azam (Peace be upon him and his Household) Hospital reached which was established under the sponsorship of Shaheed Institute. We have sensed all what it offered over all of these years.

Today I personally and on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters in this resistance - in this faithful, struggling, striving track - express our pride and high estimation of what these brothers and sisters have achieved in the domain of humanitarian and medical services as well as in administration, wisdom, plotting, intellect, faithfulness, and incessant sense of responsibility and constant presence in all the hard times since 1980s. This is one of the resisting institutes. It is rather one of the resisting institutes which followed up the resistance action, jihad, wounds, pains, sacrifices as well as the pains and wounds of the families of martyrs and injured over all the years of the resistance.

We thank Allah Al Mighty for the blessing of the existence of such gentlemen and ladies and brothers and sisters who work hard and offer sacrifices and on the blessing of the existence of this dear, generous, kind institute which was really loyal to the teachings and the will of the Master of our Islamic resistance martyrs – Sayyed Abbass Mussawi – as it serves people in every way possible.

Here too, we must show high esteem, respect, and admiration to the establisher of this edifice. This man has many good deeds in more than one region and on more than one level. I mean dear brethren His Eminence Allameh Sayyed Issa Tabatabai (May Allah guard him). We thank him for all the industrious efforts he exerted and generous sacrifices he offered. He had spent his youth and is now living his elderliness in serving Lebanon, the people of Lebanon, and the resistance in Lebanon. We all know his loyalty, faithfulness, and great love to Lebanon and its people and resistance especially to the families of martyrs and the injured. No words can even partially reward this solemn Sayyed and his right on us, our track, and our people. We ask Allah Al Mighty to accept his deeds and to reward him abundantly as He rewards the faithful, industrious, struggling, fighters and to prolong his blessed life and guide him to more kindness and benevolence.

Moreover, we recall all the brothers and sisters who are honored in this occasion especially those who followed this institute since its early days 25 years ago up to this very day. They are always ready, industrious, hardworking, helpful, and faithful.

We also show our admiration to the current administration which has been exerting faithful and great efforts over all the past years to make this institute achieve its current status with the blessing of Allah Al Mighty. Special thanks to the struggling brethren, the wounded, the alive martyr, Dr. Ibrahim Atwai from among all the brethrens. He is the doctor of the resistance and the beloved and lover of the resistance at a time. We are proud of such ideals. He has always been present next to the fighters especially during the first operations years near the fire lines along with other doctors too. However, Allah Al Mighty destined him to hold this honor and the medal for these wounds which afflicted him and which aimed at his life. Allah Al Mighty destined him to remain alive for more giving. These wounds did not make him stop giving as is the case of many wounded in this track and this resistance and this homeland whose wounds did not make them refrain from carrying on their work in the entire available space and on the spiritual, intellectual, and physical levels. May Allah reward them abundantly and grant them success to carry on working to serve this dear people, this great victorious, triumphant resistance, and this nation that deserves all sacrifices and all aspects of benevolence and kindness especially serving our dear people – the families of the martyrs, the wounded, the liberated captives and this group of people who offered solemn sacrifices and owe the homeland and the nation many services and trusts which must be paid back.

I would like to tackle the general affairs in the available time and I will not take much time pursuant to the nature of the occasion contrary to what takes place at times in popular celebrations.

I would like to tackle two topics: The first topic is close to the nature of the occasion. It is a humanitarian topic and this is what it shares with the occasion. The second topic is the political affair.

Concerning the first topic, I will start with the cause of Aazaz captives. This cause had reached its desired happy ending. I will seize this opportunity to felicitate these dear persons for their freedom and return to their homeland and families. I also congratulate their patient, faithful, and courageous families who had assumed the responsibility over all the time. I also thank all those who supported this cause and worked for it since the very beginning and for all those who contributed to reach these happy ending and consequently, the return of these dear ones. There is one point concerning Aazaz captives which I will return to by the end of this point.

It goes without saying that the return of these dear men to their families and the welcome they had in the airport and in the neighborhoods had evoked the hopes of the rest who share similar cases. They also evoke in all of us many humanitarian and emotional feelings towards those whom we feel responsible for and they are many.

Today, making use of the experience of following up the case of Aazaz captives, we must assert on following up the other files. This exists in the speeches and words of the Lebanese officials on the various levels whether official or popular. I believe that all files must be present, and officials must be charged and frameworks must be set to follow them.

Indeed, we as Lebanese along with our Syrian brethrens are concerned and hope and aspire and work to set the two bishops _Yaziji and Ibrahim – free. As Lebanese, we too feel responsible towards the Lebanese citizens who were missed or kidnapped especially during the latest events taking place in Syria starting with Hassan Miqdad and the Lebanese from the town of Maaroub and the various Bikai towns - indeed, I will not go into details because some of them need inquiry to verify whether they are really kidnapped or not or whether they are lost – and ending up with the Lebanese photographer Samir Kassab.

In fact, in Lebanon and on the official level, someone must be charged – whether the General Security or another side – to follow up specifically with all this kind of causes so as to know what might take place or happen. As such, we will all know that so and so or the such and such side is in charge. Consequently, everyone who can offer help or a suggestion or an idea or exert an effort, he may resort to the person in charge of this file who is following it from the very beginning to the very end. He will be helped by everyone; as such this file and this responsibility will not be lost amid the Lebanese daily events, developments, preoccupations, and shouts. Amid all of this, there would always remain someone who is concerned and following the details, making contacts, getting acquainted with the developments, receiving ideas, seeking help, and offered assistance. This must take place. As such the door will be opened before the ancient files. I noticed that when the dear brethrens – Aazaz captives – returned, some families of the missed in Lebanon and some families of the prisoners in Syria, and the families of some persons whom it is thought that they were missed in Lebanon and were transferred to Syria nurtured hopes of reunion, and this is something very natural. The Lebanese must stop getting involved in overbidding in this topic – because there are always overbidding in this topic – that means that a definite side writes statements and delivers speeches and curses in all directions. That does not restore the prisoners and reveals the fate of the lost. That does not lead anywhere.

It is also efficient in this framework to charge a side or to form a serious framework to be in charge of this file. I remember that years ago, they were working in the cause and lists were handed in and names were exchanged. There were official Lebanese demands and official Syrian demands. At that time, it was called on some of the participators in the dialogue table to help. We were among those concerned in offering help. However, this issue was not completed. I believe that it is possible to reach somewhere as far as this issue is concerned. However, ours is a caretaking government. If some believe that this is one of the issues which must be postponed – though it is not a topic of discord – that would be catastrophic. The new government which would be formed must charge someone or set a framework to follow up this file.

If we are a country which respects itself, a state which respects itself, and a people who respect themselves, it is supposed that all of these files be opened. Here I am talking on the humanitarian level. We have several files which come under this humanitarian perspective which must be reopened apart from political considerations. They must be reopened in a responsible way. One of the conclusions we draw from demanding and working industriously to restore Aazaz captives is that we are a country which respects its citizens and a people who respect their individuals despite all the problems in the country.

Well, apart from those who worked hard and assumed responsibility and those who were neglectful and who worked harder, what is important is the outcome. The result is that 11 Lebanese citizens were kidnapped but they were not kept in the hands of their kidnappers. So true we are a state from the third world, however, we are a respectful state and people because the Lebanese captives were not abandoned. No their case was followed up – apart from the nature of the follow up and the shouting that takes place in the country. The same applies to the case of the ferryboat in Indonesia. They restored the prisoners held by the Indonesian authority and all those who were rescued and are still alive. They are also working industriously to restore the corpse of the victims. That means that we are a country which respects its citizens and human being. This is the school of the resistance which did not accept to leave the captives in the enemy's prisons. This is the school of the resistance which does not accept to keep even the remains of martyrs with the enemy. We used to say: True our youths and children are buried in the soil of Palestine – and this is a source of pride and honor –; however, we want to restore them to the soil of Lebanon to assert that we are a respectful country, state, and people. If we are so, then these files must be reopened. There are files pending with the Israeli enemy. There are files pending locally. There are file pending with the Syrian brethrens.

Well, we are saying that there are pending files. For example, there are many files which are still pending on the Israeli level: Prisoner Yahya Skaff, Abdullah Alayyan, Mohammad Farran, as well as thousands of Lebanese who were missed during the Israeli enemy invasion to Lebanon in 1982. Under the occupation, many were kidnapped or missed. Who was behind their kidnap? The Lebanese militias? Antoine Lahd Army? Saad Hadad? Did the Israelis kidnap them? According to the international law, the occupation country and the occupation army is held responsible. Well, these thousands are still missed. This file is still dormant. Nobody tackles it; nobody follows it. After all, the issue is not only that of prisoners and those missed in Syria. We have thousands of missed. We are before a large number. According to those who furnished me with this number, there are 17000 persons – mostly Lebanese but there are also Palestinians and perhaps Syrians too. Among these files, there is also the file of the four Iranian diplomats who were accredited in Lebanon. They were missed in the Lebanese territories. Well, who is following these files? Is it acceptable to leave them to the resistance or to a faction in the resistance as was the case in the past?

The same applies to the files of those missed in Lebanon. Well, these files need to be resolved. True one day, I remember that the government of PM Salim Hoss – May Allah grant him recovery and prolong his life span – took a very great decision concerning these files; however, after all the families did not give up to this decision. Well, this needs to be tackled again. Someone must assume their responsibility. It is important that a serious framework be set to follow up these files. Perhaps they would be two or three frameworks. There is no problem in that. However, what is important is that someone is charged of these files.

On the Syrian level, I believe that a chance was lost in the past years when this issue was being followed up. Now this chance is still valid via previous contacts and previous meetings with the Syrian leadership. I have heard a direct clear word on incessant Syrian readiness to take these files to their actual possible endings. Indeed, this needs being responsible, courageous, industrious, and decisive after all.

However, along with all the files and topics which I mentioned, there remains a file of a very high degree of importance, seriousness, and sensitivity. I believe that many Lebanese – including me – who when we were welcoming the prisoners coming back from Israeli prisoners or days ago when I and others were watching the return of the kidnapped from Aazaz and the welcome of the people and in every occasion of this kind, we recalled the memory and cause of His Eminence Imam Sayyed Mussa Assader and his two dear senior brethrens – His Eminence Sheikh Mohammad Yaqoub and Mr. Abbass Badriddine. Here we are talking about the imam of the resistance. We are talking about the resistance, about the imam of struggling and striving against deprivation and negligence. We are talking in an occasion that has to do with an institute which has a humanitarian, serviceable, social, healthcare nature. In all cases, I believe this cause concerns not only a family or a sect or a resistance or a people; it is rather a cause that concerns the dignity of this homeland and the honor of this nation as I was saying about respect a while ago. It is an absolutely national cause.

Multiple efforts might be exerted. Here the state must assume responsibility. Frankly speaking, this cause must not be tackled on the official level by burdening Speaker Nabih Berri or the foreign minister. Now I beg your pardon but is it because the foreign is Shiite, then the Shiites are to assume the responsibility of this cause and find a way out for it? Is it that the Shiite head or the Shiite minister is to be concerned in this cause? Or is it the responsibility of the family of Imam Assader? This is a national cause that concerns all the Lebanese: the Lebanese state and the Lebanese people.

We do not hide that we have lately sent messages to our brethren officials in the Islamic Republic. We also called on them to interfere again and contact the new Libyan officials so as to exert special and double efforts. The state must exert multiple efforts in addition to the exerted efforts.

Not to remain talking in general, today there are two persons: the first is called Abdullah Sanousi, and he is in prison in Libya, and the other is roaming the hotels in Arab – especially Gulf – capitals. He started working for Arab intelligence bodies. His name is Moussa Koussa. Both worked for the Libyan intelligence under Moamar Ghaddafi, and both can indicate or lead to the place of the imam – the place where the Imam is detained. So we want to talk as we talk and as we believe. Well, what are the officials waiting for? This does not require addressing the crisis in Libya and the regime in Libya or the authority in Libya to be resolved. A person is in prison waiting to be interrogated. So far the current Libyan authorities are crippling that.

Well, there is a person who is not in prison, and there are countries who claim are friends to Lebanon and to the Lebanese people. Moussa Koussa is their guests, and they pay for him and for his staying in hotels. Why don't they help us to end this cause and reach its happy ending?

Anyway, under this humanitarian topic, I wished to evoke files which are at times forgotten amid the Lebanese detailed preoccupations and the preoccupations of the region and the existing chaos and at times the cries in lanes in Lebanon which do not lead anywhere. I wanted to evoke these files that have humanitarian, national, and moral aspects to say that the state must assume full responsibility towards them on the first hand. It must also charge specialized officials to follow these cases and to offer all their time to serve these causes, and consequently, we must all be in the supporting position.

Before moving to the political affair, I only want to wrap up this topic with the cause of Aazaz. I do not want to go into the details of this cause. You know, that on the first day when it was said that these brethrens were to be set free when the kidnapping first took place, airplanes were dispatched and people waited in the airport for long hours and we made a speech in which we offered thanks for everyone. However, another thing took place. We were all disappointed. Thus we avoided to tackle this topic even in the media. We considered that industrious and serious work is more beneficial because the nature of the kidnapping group is unknown: What is the nature of the kidnapping group? Is it a political group? Is it a struggling group - as they call themselves? Is it an opposition group? Are they a group of robbers? Are they working to their own interest? Are they linked to regional sides? All of that is unclear. Thus we are always worried in fact on the lives and souls of these dear ones. We used to believe that any approach might be seized to harm them.

Anyway, I have a call on the Lebanese Judiciary, the official sides in Lebanon, as well as the popular sides. This cause must be reserved and examined somewhere. Why were these men kidnapped? Who kidnapped them? What are the reasons behind the kidnapping? What are the goals of kidnapping? Indeed, at the end they said swapping and liberating female prisoners. As for liberating female prisoners, we got them a promise for that a year ago but they did not inquire about it. There is something else. Some say it had to do with money. So some say money, and others say liberating female prisoners. However, it is most likely that the issue is political more than having to do with female prisoners and money.

Anyway, we do not want to open the door before accusations as far as this issue is concerned. However, those who were oppressed and kidnapped and their families, and all of the Lebanese have the right to have these facts revealed especially what took place in the first days. Who crippled their release? Who kept them later on? How things came to this denouement? Somewhere this work must be done and this file must be examined. It must not be deserted at all because there are rights which must be restored and reserved, and a moral must be drawn and benefited from. Masks must fall too if there are masks and deception.

Moving to the political affair, I will also say a couple of words and God willing, I will not keep you waiting a long time.

Allow me to start briefly with Syria first because it is preoccupying the region and the world and second because what is taking place in Syria has a great influence on what takes place in Lebanon - everything in Lebanon whether on the security, social, humanitarian, emigrating, economic, financial, and political levels. That is the case indeed because there is a group in Lebanon who had linked everything to what takes places in Syrian. They crippled everything while waiting for what would take place in Syria. Indeed they are waiting for what would take place in Syria on the basis that the regime would fall and that Syria would fall. Some even live on the dreams of returning via Damascus Airport. They do not want to return via Beirut Airport. They believe Syria would shift to the other axis and the other front what would boost the power and the chances and capabilities of this Lebanese group to impose their conditions and even to impose their exclusive and eliminating approach in the Lebanese arena. This is the truth now.

Indeed, in all what I will say, I will not go into the formula or you crippling or we crippling. This has become something hectic and I believe that the people are bored of it.

After all, the Lebanese themselves evaluate and judge who is crippling the parliament and who is crippling even a session for the caretaking government. There are fateful and elapsing issues which do not tolerate postponing and which I will tackle again in a while. Who is crippling legislation? Who is crippling the dialogue table? Who is even crippling the formation of the government? We are bored with saying you or we. I believe that everything which might be said concerning this issue has been said. The Lebanese people must judge and act according to their judge and convictions in an objective way as far as this issue is concerned.

Well, as for Syria, in the past few months, great developments happened in Syria, in the region, and in the world concerning the Syrian affair which made things move towards a clear and definite direction which I will tackle now.

On the field level:

The course in the field has developed to the interest of the Arab Syrian Army and all the popular Syrian forces that stand by its side.

The failure of the armed groups to make any change in the field or change in the balance of force which they set as a condition to go to Geneva.

Preponderance of the regime.

The conflicts among armed groups what let to the killing, injuring, and imprisonment of thousands men and women besides the destruction of many regions and conflicts sprouting in more than one region so far.

The change in the internal Syrian opinion as a result of the performance of the armed groups and their conduct in the field as a result of the developments in the region and in the world.

The failure of the opposition to unite its lines despite the world interference to unite its lines politically.

Internal renunciation of external intervention.

The disintegration of the opposing front due to the events in Egypt and their internal and regional repercussions.

The preoccupation of several of these states with their internal affairs and challenges.

The fall of the foreign military aggression against Syria supposition.

The political, popular, and military steadfastness of the regime and its capability to confront challenges with patience and wisdom.

All of these elements in addition to other factors had led to the following result or conclusion which no one needs to contend stubbornly against:

There is no military solution in Syria. Still some people are contending stubbornly against this fact. There is no need for that. Now the entire world with one exception which I will return to in a while reached somewhere which says there is no political solution in Syria.

The available and reasonable solution is the political solution. The way to a political solution is political dialogue without preconditions. Whoever sets preconditions is crippling dialogue as is the case in Lebanon. Now people must have dialogue and through dialogue reach a political solution, and today political dialogue and political solution enjoy international, regional, and internal support.

What is said today about Geneva II – apart from conditions and details – opens the horizons for a solution after all. I believe that Lebanon and all the regional states and peoples who are inevitably influenced and will be inevitably influenced by the crisis in Syria – if the crisis continues, they are influenced negatively, and if it is resolved, they will be influenced positively and in all domains – must push towards a political solution in Syria.

Indeed, there is a regional state which is very wrathful. I do not want to attack or make a problem. I am describing and not revealing a secret. The name of the regional state is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is well known. It is still wrathful because things did not move as they want in Syria.

Tens of thousands of fighters were summoned from all around the world – Chechnya, Caucasia, the Arab world, the Islamic world, and even Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Britain, and America itself. They were armed and financed. They talk about 30 billion dollars so far. This is in addition to media pressure, political pressure, isolation, siege, sanctions, and media instigation. I can say that up to this very moment the other front which was aiming at toppling the regime in Syria to control and lay its hands on Syria had done everything that may be done and on all perspectives and still things did not move as they want.

This is the world of the possible. After all, these people are concerned to find a way to heal the wounds and address the crisis. It is impossible that the region remains on fire because a state is wrathful or because a state is acting with another background. It is now seeking to cripple any political dialogue. It is seeking to cripple Geneva II and to postpone Geneva II.

See what is taking place now in Syria. For example, you watch every day in the news that a group of brigades split from the others and joined another group or formed a new brigade or a new army. I call this phenomenon "splitting and regrouping" or "disintegrating and reconstructing". Now this is what is taking place in Syria and still all say: "we reject Geneva II", "we reject dialogue", "we reject a political solution", and "the opposition coalition does not represent us". All of these drink from the same well – it is the well of those who want to cripple a political solution in Syria.

What does crippling the political solution in Syria mean? That means more fighting, more victims, more destruction, more devastation of Syria, more humanitarian, security, political, and economic repercussions on Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and all the states in the region, as well as on Palestine and the Palestinian cause as we used to say from the very first day. This is stubborn contend which is absolutely hopeless. I rather tell them that seizing the opportunity of dialogue and the current dialogue conference is better for them because the coming time is not for their interest in the field or internally or regionally or internationally. On the contrary, according to the current given, it is better for them to head towards political dialogue and a political solution in Syria.

In fact, all those who care for the Syrian people – whether those living inside Syria or those who immigrated – and all of those who feel pain for what is taking place in Syria – bloodshed, wounds, displacement, destruction, demolition, and loss – must at this moment more than at any time in the past finger point at all of those who are crippling and preventing political dialogue and a political solution in Syria. They are known. We do not want special information or tapping or US espionage to know that. They are disclosed and they announce that. This is the responsibility of the nation.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was calling for a political solution. The Arab League is calling for a political solution. If you are faithful, then please lift the obstacles before moving towards political dialogue and a political solution.

I will wrap up before moving to Lebanon. The international, regional, and internal front which mustered power to control Syria flopped. This is the end of the story. This is an irrefutable truth.

Now they are expressing that through some satellite channels. They say here we were not able, here we failed, here we did not plot properly, here we did not know what we want. No dear! You knew what you wanted, you plotted properly, and you exploited all the available capabilities and still you flopped. This is the truth.

Hereof, they must move on and be more realistic and not more stubborn. They must make use of the open horizon to heal the wounds of Syria and to guard it, reconstruct it so as it restore its role. This is the responsibility of the Syrians on the first hand as well as the responsibility of the Arabs and all of the peoples and states in the region.

This is the outcome unless our partners in the homeland – March 14 Bloc and especially the Future Movement – have another reading. Perhaps they had another dream or have other information. Perhaps they have another reading for the international status quo, the regional status quo or see that things are not as such. This is another issue then. It would be a true problem in reading events.

Here off, and based on this result, I usher into the Lebanese affair and say: O people! Enough is enough. Put this issue aside. Do not delay and postpone things. On the contrary more delay and postponement will – unfortunately we have to talk as such at this moment in which the country is crippled – better the conditions and position and status of the other bloc.

When brethren MP Mohammad Raad (Abu Hassan) tackled this issue, he was not threatening you. On the contrary, he was advising you saying that there are political facts. Well now we accept this (9-9-6) formula; however, if circumstances changes people might not accept it anymore. So seize the opportunity.

No one is threatening anyone. We are advising each other based on our care for the interest of the country. We advise each other. We are telling you that things in Syria are not as such. He who wants to come back only via Damascus Airport means he will remain where he is. It is better for him to reconsider things and return via Beirut Airport. Beirut Airport is open for all Lebanese. It is Beirut International Airport. Martyr PM Rafiq Hariri Airport welcomes all the Lebanese coming back to Lebanon. There is no problem in that. Consequently, let's postpone this issue and talk directly in a responsible way.

I would like to remind you that a couple of years ago – perhaps a little less or a little more – I was delivering a speech in one of the occasions in Sayyed Ashuhada (Peace be upon him) Compound. I then said that you – March 14 Bloc – since 2005 until a couple of years ago had bargained on a group of turning points (five or six sensitive turning points) in the history of Lebanon. Since 2005 until this very day, all your bargains lost. I told you then that now you are bargaining on the situation in Syria and this bargain will lose too. Today I will tell you that this bargain lost. Let's talk on the Lebanese level. Let's talk on the local level. Let's put our feet on the ground. Let's stop fluttering in the skies and in dreams. Let's look at the crisis of our country, our people, and our causes starting with the ranks and salaries system, oil, security, Electricite du Liban contractors, development, politics, elections law, the presidential elections among all the pending files.

I would like to add something from this perspective. I said at the beginning of my word that I do not want to compete in saying who is responsible and who is held responsible. I would like to approach the issue from another perspective. Today Lebanon has two choices. The first is the true, existing, comprehensive, and absolute crippling. Do I have to give evidence that the country is crippled? We do not need that. This exists. Everyone feels it. Taking this general crippling that exists in the country, apart from whose responsible for that, March 14 Bloc has a prelude to put an end to this crippling. As for us, there is no need for all of this crippling and there is no need to link the dialogue table to the formation of the government or the legislation sessions to forming a new government. There is no need for all of that. However, we will move along with them. What is this prelude then? If we want to go for dialogue table, a government must be formed beforehand. For the parliament to make legislations, they want a government. To address all the pending files, they want a government. They want and put conditions. The entire country is crippled, and according to their convictions and conditions, the only way to confront this crippling is forming a government. Now we want to head towards points which both of us might agree on. Well to form a government our bloc is saying that we accept the (9-9-6) formula. You refused saying that giving the other bloc 9 means that we are giving it a crippling third. That means that there might be crippling in the government that will be formed. Well if a government was formed based on the (9-9-6) formula, what would that lead to?

What would the results be? First the atmosphere in the country will be relieved. People will reunite together. There is a place where we may sit and talk together. Second, we will go back to the dialogue table as this too is your condition. Third the parliament would address all the drafts that have to do with the interests of the people and their life. This too would work again. Fourth, all the decisions in the government that do not need the approval of two thirds of the ministers can't be crippled by any side – neither the 9 in our bloc nor the 9 in your bloc. What remains then? There remains the decisions that need the approval of two thirds of the ministers and which might be crippled by either sides. However, these decisions too might be discussed and addressed. This cripple is only possible. It is not an absolute certain crippling. That crippling might take place, and it might not. However now all the Lebanese – as I am addressing everyone: the Lebanese politicians as well as the Lebanese people - are before two cases or assumptions. The first assumption is moving on in the current crippling. The entire country is crippled apart from exchanging accusations of who is responsible for that because that does not earn bread. Amid the vertical division in the country, these in the middle might lean to this side or to that side according to the public opinion campaign which only few work in. That means that if our bloc remained shouting for a hundred years and holding you responsible, and if your bloc remained for a hundred years shouting and holding us responsible under the division taking place in the country, that would not lead anywhere. We will only lose the country, the state, and the people. This is the first assumption.

The second assumption is otherwise. You must show some humbleness. We have already been humble when we said we accept having nine ministers. This is so that no one says why you don't show humbleness. Nine ministers are in fact less than the normal volume of representation of our political forces. So you should show some humbleness and accept the (9-9-6) formula, and then three quarters of the country will work again. The fourth quarter of the country which comprises the decisions which need the approval of two thirds of the ministers might be disagreed on and might be agreed on. Before these two assumptions, what does the mind say? Shall we prefer to go in with the first assumption which is hopeless or choose the second assumption and work according to it? What does the mind say? What does logic say? What does nationality say? What does the sense of responsibility towards the Lebanese people and their political, security, economic, and social fate as well as towards their life, future, and wealth say? They all say that we go for the second assumption.

If you – March 14 Bloc – are accusing our bloc of crippling the country and consider yourselves the national, the loyal, and the faithful for the country, well doesn't this country deserve from you few sacrifices?

You might ask: Why don't you offer sacrifices? We do not want to offer sacrifices anymore. We have made all the necessary and sufficient sacrifices. Doesn't this country deserve this humble attitude and not sacrifice? This would be giving part of the right to the right owner. When the government would be formed according to the (9-9-6) formula part of the right of these forces would be given back to them. This is not a sacrifice. This is not a favor or something you begrudge others for. Which of the two choices, the mind, the logic, nationality, and the sense of responsibility choose? They choose the second choice.

If you still insist on that, in all ways there is a least possible. As I am about to wrap up my speech, I too am delivering a speech and I want to hold others responsible. If it is not possible to form a government, then let the caretaking government work. Is it acceptable to cripple the caretaking government for unconstitutional considerations? This is incorrect. I know that in your private sessions you acknowledge and confess to each other – and not only to yourselves – that it is constitutional that the parliament meet and make legislations. However, for political reasons which I do not want to tackle you are crippling the parliament. Well, why are you practicing all of this pressure to cripple the government?

There are too the elapsing causes which do not bear postponement. You know that I say things frankly. The overwhelming majority of the ministers agree that the government meet especially for discussing the oil issue. Here I want to add the issue of the city of Tripoli – the security file in general and the issue of the city of Tripoli in particular. The ministers agree on that. As far as I know the ministers in the caretaking government agree on that. There remains the Premier and His Eminence the President of the Republic. In fact, I don't know clearly and decisively the stance of the President on calling for a session of this kind. However, why is the Premier hesitant? He is hesitant because there is great political pressure since the resignation up to this very day. In fact, there was a great political pressure that led to the resignation. However, if only those whom he resigned for are loyal to him and at least show respect to him only in form. If only they do not offend him daily. We all know why PM Najeeb Mikati resigned. There is pressure practiced by Saudi Arabia against the convention of the government. The Future Movement and March 14 Bloc are practicing pressure on the Premier and the President of the Republic. However, I don't know the level of pressure on the President of the Republic. However, I know that there is great pressure on the Premier. They also instantly resort to the sectarian and factional issue. Dear brothers, this is a constitutional issue.

In this occasion, I call on the President of the Republic, the Premier, the ministers, and the political forces partaking in the government to meet, and I call on the political forces outside the government to have a little mercy on the country and stop their pressure and not to make a problem of this. There are two elapsing urgent files which do not bear postponement at all. The first file is oil.

Here we back every call for discussing this file in the government without preconditions. How many blocks? All of them or some of them? Half of them? Three quarters of them? Keep all of this aside. Let's go without preconditions. Then we will meet in the cabinet and discuss this issue.

Time is elapsing from Lebanon. Lebanon's wealth is being robbed by the Israelis who are working day and night while we are drowned in our inability to form a government and our inability to let the government meet. This is a true catastrophe.

I do not want to use terms that describe the failure to assume this responsibility. I do not want to use any term. However, at least this is wasting the rights of the Lebanese and their future and wasting a promising horizon before the Lebanese and before the financial, economic, social, and developmental status. This is first.

Second there is the security file in general and not only the security of Tripoli. Indeed Tripoli is in the forefront. What is taking place in Tripoli is painful and sorrowful to all of us and it must not continue at all. The only solution does not need much sessions and meetings. It rather needs a decisive decision by the Lebanese government and the cooperation of the various political, religious, and popular forces in Tripoli. The decisive decision is that the Lebanese Army gets fully charged of the security of the city of Tripoli and its suburbs. The army must be backed and supported by the other security forces and bodies. The Lebanese Army must be assisted not only with power but with the ability to spread over all points and regions and to take all the necessary procedures. When the army takes any decision, everyone must protect and defend it, and not hit the streets and block roads. This is the only solution. It is summoning the Lebanese Army and the official security forces and to cooperate with them. It is not through summoning Daesh and Nusra. Daesh and Nusra complicate the situation in Tripoli and the situation in Lebanon. Now tell me where did Daesh and Nusra go and bring along security? Syria is an example. Did they go there and make peace prevail? Are we to hail the sample Daesh is presenting on the level of the situation in Syria? The Lebanese Army must be summoned. The Lebanese state must be summoned and helped. The roads must be opened before it. It must be enabled to address the security issue in Tripoli through a true, serious, political stance. It is not that we take a political stance while on the ground we push things towards tension and escalation and fighting under a religious cover and not only a political cover. Mosque imams and religious men in all neighborhoods in Tripoli – whether in Tabbaneh or in Jabal Mohsen or in the other neighborhoods in the Friday prayers must forbid fighting; they must forbid opening fire too. They must call for respecting the army and underline that it is forbidden to open fire on the soldiers and the security forces. This is the solution. This is an internal, Lebanese auto-solution. However, it needs a great political decision to guard this institution which is required to go there.

This file has been pressing lately due to the fighting and sniping and the fall of martyrs and wounded. Anyway, the security file in Lebanon is very difficult and critical: there are booby-trapped cars, and these nets must be pursued. Here I am telling you that the state – its various apparatuses - knows these nets. It knows that there are booby-trapped cars in this and in that town. Still it did not take any action. When is it going to take any action? We condemn any bombing whether in Dahiyeh or in Tripoli or in any other place in Lebanon. The bombers must be punished by the judicial authorities. There must be no political cover for these perpetrators. The judicial authorities must assume this responsibility.

However, the state can't handle this file in retail or in the spare time or according to its mood because the blood and the fortunes of people are at stake at any moment or time in all the Lebanese regions. This wasn't something easy. True the media did not tackle this issue lengthily, but there are booby-trapped cars in some regions in Lebanon now. The state is concerned. Well to avoid attacking each other in the media, let the government meet. Then names of people and places would be announced. It is not that when the explosive device is detonated that we investigate to find out who caused the explosion and refer them to the courts and try them. National responsibility requires preventing the explosion from taking place and undertaking all the decisive steps and necessary measures to prevent any explosion from taking place in any region or place in Lebanon.

These two files do not tolerate postponement or delay according to any rational, religious, legal, moral, national, and constitutional logic. Here I am telling you that the obstacle is merely political besides political considerations, and political rivalry.

In this occasion in which we are hailing the sacrifices and offerings and the development of a humanitarian institute which has one and only one goal – serving man and his health, psyche, moral, and happiness and offering him help and support, we hope that we establish a humanitarian institute at the level of the nation as a whole so as to bring our homeland, people, country, and institutions from this state of illness, rivalry, vacuum, disorder, and risks that threaten this country and its existence.

Brothers! Today not only the Christian existence is threatened in the Orient. The Christians have the right to be worried and afraid and to hold conferences. However, today all the peoples of the region are threatened. The Muslims and the Christians are threatened alike. All the followers of all religions and sects are threatened. Sunnites are threatened as well as Shiites, and Muslims are threatened as well as Christians and Druze and the followers of the other sects and factions.

The region is now heading towards more chaos, conflict, loss, and grudges. What are we to do to rescue this patient? When a patient is in such a state – doctors know more than we do – he is instantly submitted to the intensive care room. Are we acting with the logic and feeling that our country needs emergent and intensive care? As such we can rescue this country and transcend this critical stage.

May Allah guide and support you. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessing.