Friday, September 13, 2013

The ultimate humiliation for the Serbian nation

A week ago, one commentator - Fernando - asked me whether I considered the Serbs a defeated people to which I answered that, at least for the time being, yes, I saw them as totally defeated, though I was sure of their eventual re-emergence.  And now, I see this absolutely incredible headline from the BBC:

For a while, this left me speechless.  Yes, it is "the" Strauss-Kahn, aka "DSK", the serial-rapist, pimp, sexual predator and hyper-Zionist.  He and his  fellow Zionists were at the forefront of the European Zio-franchise which lead the entire propaganda campaign against the Serbian nation: Bernard Henri-Levi, Andre Glucksman, Alain Finkelkraut (the "Jewish Ustasha"), Marek Halter, Bernard Kouchner, etc. etc. etc.

Bliss in the Empire
And now, that infamous and outright nefarious Serb-hating imperialist will, I kid you not, "advise" the Serbian government.

So yes, I consider that as the ultimate humiliation for a nation which was completely defeated, partitioned and subjugated by the Empire.

But then, I also remember the kind of "advisors" which the Empire kindly sent to advise the Russian government in the 1990s.  We can now expect a Camp Bondsteel somewhere near Belgrade I suppose.


The Saker

PS: DSK has also been offered a seat on the supervisory board of Russian Regional Development Bank, owned by Rosneft.  Which tells you who is still in control of many, if not most, of the Russian banks, Putin or no Putin.