Saturday, March 23, 2013

"The Syrian Diary" - Russian TV documentary (subtitled)

Why I believe that this is a "must watch" documentary:

This is a documentary by Anastasia Popova, a correspondent for the Russian TV station "Rossia 24".  Don't expect any kind of sympathy for the FSA from these reporters who are 100% behind the Syrian Army and who are absolutely outraged at what they strongly believe is the rape of a nation by a coalition of international terrorists and NATO special forces.  It is precisely this strong identification with one side which makes this documentary so important: it shows the point of view of those whose voice and opinion is absolutely *never* heard in the western corporate media.

It is a sad truth that history is written by victors, and there is a really good chance that the side represented in this video will be the loosing one.

Finally, this is a woman's view on a civil war, something which is also very rarely seen.

For all these reasons I urge everybody to watch this documentary.

The Saker