Friday, December 14, 2012

Insurgents in Syria burn a Shia mosque and an Armenian church

On YouTube one of their supporters also added this heartfelt message:
"Fuck bashar and his slut mother he destroyed all of syria with the help of kuffar shia irani pigs and russian communist atheist bastards but our mujahdeen bros will now rid syria of bashar bastard and we will have an islamic country where there will be no alchoal drugs and prostitutes everywhere it will be a islamic laws not wester laws u shia kuffar pigs time to pay now for killing thousands of sunni muslims ur god khomeni is in hell roting and u all pieces of scum will join him inshallah"
Here is another video where the same folks burn down an Armenian church:

I think that these videos, combined with the rather unambiguous message, make the future these insurgents plan for Syria pretty clear.

The Saker