Sunday, March 11, 2012

My imagination vs Occam

I have been thinking a lot about the recent events in Russia, the elections to the Duma, the short-lived "White Revolution", then the cameras in all voting locations, and finally Putin's triumphant election.  Something just kept creping back to my (admittedly paranoid) mind, over and over again.  I was pushing it down, but it used the "what if?" method to harass my imagination which is by nature, training and trade always inclined to assume that there are always at least two, if not more, levels to each important event.  Tonight I decided to share with you that hypothesis.  And the very first thing I will do is that I will begin to unambiguously admit that this hypothesis has absolutely zero support in established facts.  Zero.  And yet - what do you think about this:

What if the Kremlin had quietly orchestrated this entire "White Revolution"?

My suspicions began when I heard on Russian TV about a survey which the entire Western corporate Ziomedia ignored: the "White Revolution" resulted in a huge popularity boost for Putin.  Yes, that's right.  All the allegations of vote-rigging and corruption and all the talk about canceling the elections resulted in an immediate backlash for support for, and circling the wagons around, Putin.

Think about it: Russian have seen the results of a "color coded revolution" right next door, in the Ukraine, where most Russians have friends and families.  For a full decade, while Russia was sky-rocketing up back to superpower status, the Ukraine, led by the "pro-US nationalists" (a ridiculous concept to begin with), was in free fall.  Day after day after day, Russian TV stations were covering the economic collapse of their neighbor, the political chaos, the mind-blowing corruption.  Hundred of thousands of Ukrainian jumped into trains to come and work in Russia, while Russians spend their summer holidays in Crimea. Bottom line: for a full decade Russian really had "front row seats" to observe the calamity which the Orange Revolution was for the Ukraine.

And it is against this background that suddenly, almost spontaneously, a weird coalition of fringe parties got together and decided to try another color-coded revolution, but this time in Russia?

Does that not strike you as absurd?

And the result?  Hundred of thousands of terrified Russian immediately filled the streets with pro-Kremlin demonstrations saying in unison "not here! over our dead bodies"  No pasaran!".

What if Putin who, after all, got elected the first time around thanks to the "Chechen threat" decided that this time a "color-coded Revolution threat" would do the trick again?

What could better mobilize the Russian masses than a simple choice: "you vote for me or the country will go to hell"?

I am not saying that there is any evidence that the Kremlin is behind a "false flag color-coded revolution" not any more than I would say that the Kremlin was behind the 1999 bombings of the apartment buildings in Russia (attributed to Chechen terrorists).  Regardless of who really bombed these apartment buildings - the Chechen-Wahabi threat to Russia and the entire region was real.  And today, the US/Zionist threat is real too.  But you got to admit it - either Putin is really very lucky, or his adversaries very dumb, or Putin is very good at scaring the Russian people to vote for him as the sole defender of Russia.

I will conclude by saying this: while there is no evidence that what took place in Russia was a "false flag color-coded revolution", I have seen no evidence which would refute that hypothesis either.  Yes, Golos was financed by the West, and the Western Ziomedia fully endorsed the "stolen elections" canard.  But Golos really did not play such a big role in that. As for the Western Ziomedia, it would be willing to report that Putin eats raped babies for breakfast every morning and that he is a reincarnation of Ivan the Terrible.  These guys will print anything anti-Russian, no matter how ugly and self-evidently ludicrous it is.  If this was, indeed, a "false flag color-coded revolution" then those who organized it would have had no difficulty predicting that the Western Ziomedia would immediately pick up and run with the story.

Occam and his razor say that I am wrong.  They might well be right; they mostly are.

But what if?

The Saker