Saturday, February 25, 2012

Clueless Arab world slouches into disaster (Saker rant)

Alas, these headlines really say it all:
And all this after what happened in Libya...

Well, it also happened in Bosnia and Kosovo, of course, but I figured that what made so many Arabs and Muslims so blind to what was really going on was a knee-jerk response to the US Imperial propaganda about the fictional genocides of "Muslim civilians" by "bloodthirsty mass raping Chetnik brutes", so while I was sorely disappointed by it, I did not bear much of a grudge either. Errare humanum est...

But now *LIBYA* happened with its own fictional genocides and with even a 'mass rapes v2' myth: Gaddafi soliders 'armed' with Viagra to rape even more.  And this time the victims of this massive miscalculation were Arabs and Muslims!  And, by God, even the deaf, dumb and blind should by now have understood how this all works.  But no!  Most Arabs and Muslims are still busy deceiving themselves and not realizing the horrible but totally obvious fact that all they are doing is voluntarily bowing their necks to the US/NATO/Zionist yoke!

How long will this self-destructive and absolutely stupid logic of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" still make people who (rightfully) hate the Milosevices, Gaddafis and Assads of this world automatically turn to Uncle Sam in the hope for liberation?!

And its not only the Arabs and Muslims, of course.  Look at Central Europe: having just been freed from the Soviet yoke, what did they do?  They immediately all ran to Uncle Sam to beg him to accept them as subservient US/NATO colonies.

During the Cold War there used to be a movement of non-aligned countries which, while not perfect, had a least some sense of self-respect.  But today that seems to be all gone.  Who still dares to be independent out there?

Iran. Russia. China. I would argue that India does a fair job most of the time. A few Latin American countries (Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua). And Hezbollah, of course.

Is it not about time for all those pretend 'empire resisters' to finally grow a spine of some sort and stop being the hapless sniveling bitches of some powerful protector?

Darkness cannot be fought by more darkness.  It can only be defeated by light. 

The Saker