Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apartheid in all its (supreme court sanctioned) "glory"

The BBC reports: Israel's Supreme Court has upheld a law banning Palestinians who marry Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship. The excuse used by the court? "Human rights do not prescribe national suicide," Judge Asher Grunis wrote in the judgment. 

Now that is an amazing confession, isn't it?  What Judge Grunis is saying is the following: (excuse the large print, but this is worthy of being stressed as much as possible)

Well, we all knew that.  But it's very interesting to hear the good judge fess up to this fact.  Sure does take away the respectability cloak off "the only democracy in the Middle-East" and show it to be what it really has been all along: the last openly racist regime on the planet and the only form of racism ever based on a religion: Rabbinical (aka. Phariseic) Judaism.

Ok, now its all simple, ain't it? It's either gonna be:

"The Jewish State of Israel with Its Eternal and Undivided Capital Jerusalem"


Human rights.

One must give; listen to Judge Grunis: they are mutually exclusive.

You can guess which I choose...

The Saker