Monday, August 29, 2011

US, NATO and Wahabi Jihadists are still working hand in hand

Dear friends,

What Col. Gaddafi had been saying from day 1, and what all too many observers have dismissed, now turns out to have been true: al-Qaeda elements appear to be in charge of the anti-Gaddafi insurgency. Furthermore, there is also a strong probability that Gaddafi and these Wahabis have struck some kind of deal allowing Gaddafi to flee from Tripoli. Check these last three posts for details:

Thus there is strong evidence that, just like in Bosnia and Kosovo, NATO has again put a toxic mix of Wahabis and criminal thugs in power. Whether the Libyan Wahabis will be as obedient to NATO commands as their colleagues in Bosnia and Kosovo remains to be seen.

I strongly suspect that the same type of elements are also heavily involved in the anti-Assad insurgency in Syria (the US Empire is always happy to use Wahabis against what it perceives as its worst enemy: the Shias, even of the Alawi sect).

I would say that the evidence that the US/NATO are still working hand-in-hand with al-Qaeda types is overwhelming. The demonic pact (this is not hyperbole) between the West and these Wahabis crazies which began in 1979 (at the time of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) has never been rescinded since (after 9/11 it was just 'buried" deeper) and it is still is one of the most crucial aspects of US imperial policies.

Do any of you disagree with this?  If yes, please let me know what your reasons are.

The Saker