Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killing time with Google results

I currently have a job as an over-the-phone translator (from home), which pays pennies, but which has some perks: the dress code (none, I am at home), the commute (roughly 1 foot), the hours (flexible) and, on some days, some free time between calls.  Like this morning.  So I decided to kill some time having fun with Google.

Here is what I did: I began entering some queries to see what Google would suggest based on Google's query completion algorithm which basically suggests the most often entered queries using the same terms you did.  Here are the results - I find them interesting.

First, I entered "I am afraid of":

Sure looks like racism is still alive and well.

Next, I tried "I hate":

After this rather say result, I tried something more positive: "I am attracted to:"

Oh boy, we live in one sick society.  Then, I decided to see how religions fared with these:

Clearly, militant atheism is also alive and well in this crazy society.  The sad thing is that both religions can very much to blame themselves for eliciting such negative feelings from so many people.  Pointing fingers are militant atheists just does not explain why their views have become so prevalent.

Then, I was in for a treat.  I decided to Google "Hezbollah is":

Nice!!  In a society of mostly very confused people, it is quite fantastic to see that the most common query about Hezbollah is "Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization".  Here the official propaganda seems to have totally failed.  This sure made my day!

Lastly, for comparison purposes I entered "Israel is":

Hilarious, no? We know that Israel is evil and real, but that most people seem to what to know its size is rather interesting, for a country without any official borders.  But the one I prefer, is the last one: "Israel is a strong friend of Israel".

Yeah, that's about it.  No other friends for the last openly racist state on the planet.

Okay - back to work now.


The Saker

PS: try that silly little pastime yourself and let us know if you come across anything interesting or amusing.