Friday, June 17, 2011

Hillary picks up the "rape as a weapon of war" propaganda theme

There we go: Hillary Clinton condemns rape as "war of weapon" (BBC sic dixit). Well, the mean "weapon of war", of course.  She should know - she was one of those who pushed her husband, Bill, to wage war against Serbia using exactly the same 'hyper-pious' pretext.  Of course, nobody in the White House is suggestion waging war on the Congo were over 1000 rapes were recorded each day (Maybe because the leaders of the Congolese rapists have not been accused of providing Viagra to their "rape forces"?).

Seriously, each time I think of the NATO war on Libya I am torn between a deep sense of repulsion for the "axis of kindness" and its imbecile propaganda about "rape as a weapon of war", a sense of outrage at all those who are willing to gobble up the exact same propaganda techniques a second time, and a sense of frustration and helplessness before the lukewarm indifference of those who *know* that this all crude propaganda and yet prefer to look away or accept it for the sake of some warped idea of political expedience.

And in Yemen the so-called opposition is also courting the US Empire making all sorts of promises of continuity and anti-al-Qaeda efforts.

This is all so discouraging...