Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel ban imposed on Mubarak's (former) allies

Egypt's public prosecutor has issued a travel ban on a number of ministers and officials from the former government as protests against embattled president Hosni Mubarak gain momentum.

The ministers are former interior minister, Habib al-Adly, former housing minister, Ahmed al-Maghrabi, and former tourism minister Zuhair Garana.

A former National Democratic Party member is also among those banned from leaving the country.

The bank accounts of these officials have been frozen for investigation.

The public prosecutor says the travel ban will remain in place until national security is restored.

The developments come as thousands of people have gathered for a tenth day of protests against Mubarak's regime.

The Egyptian government's efforts to crack down on protesters have failed. Many still remain in Cairo's Tahrir square, which has become the symbol of the ongoing revolutionary movement.

This comes as main opposition figures have called for another mass rally on Friday. They say it could be President Hosni Mubarak's day of departure.

Protesters have vowed to stand firm despite the deadly clashes that left several people dead and at least 1,500 others wounded in Cairo on Wednesday and the early hours of Thursday.

According to the United Nations, at least 300 people have so far been killed and thousands more injured during nationwide protests in troubled Egypt.